Animaze Review

Video marketing is one of the best content marketing strategies you can use to boost engagement and conversions. But for a multitude of reasons, you might be unable to create quality and engaging HD videos. Whether you don’t the money to fund such a strategy, or you’re too shy to go on camera, you are missing out by not creating videos.

Animaze commercial software is a desktop app compatible with both Mac and Windows that gives in your hands the power of customized video creation. It is here to help you find a faster, easier, and cheaper way to create high-quality engaging videos to boost your business. And video marketing boosts not only exposure through video SEO and engagement. It, respectively, boost sales and conversions, meaning with video marketing you throw the towel in for more profits. If you want to boost your business with videos, definitely read my Animaze Review to see what the software can do for you.

What Is Animaze?

Animaze is a video creation tool for video marketing. It is an all-in-one 3D desktop app that uses photo mapping technology to animate any static image and create 3D avatars and video sequences. The quality of the videos is professional-grade and files can be exported in HD. The software allows you to create, customize, and render videos for multiple purposes. It is packed full of unique and powerful features to help you easily and quickly develop your own videos to add to your marketing strategy. Even if you have zero experience in creating videos.

The Team of Creators

Mo Miah introduces us to this new video creation software. It was developed in cooperation with Misan Morrison and Akpos Victory, to provide marketers with a truly effective video software tool. Their background is evidence enough of having the expertise needed to create a powerful tool for video development.

All of their products, including the Animaze software, are created with the user in mind. The most important element, next to being versatile and useful, is for any piece of software to be user-friendly and easily accessible.

Animaze aims to enable people with no money or expertise necessary for professional video creation to do what professionals can. And that is – to create engaging video content that can convert. That’s why I’m using this Animaze Review to introduce you to an app you can greatly benefit from.

Animaze Review: Capabilities

The Animaze video making software is filled with great versatile and powerful features that you can use easily and with no hassle. Here are all of the great things you can do with the desktop app:

  • Convert Head Shots – create talking characters from static images with the utilized photo mapping technologies;
  • Create 3D Characters – use a wide selection of filters and specifics to personalize 3D characters from the existing library or create your own.
  • Create 3D Videos – use a point-and-click technology to select camera angles, scenes, and props, to create professional-grade videos.
  • Customize Pre-Existing Avatars – you can change everything from eye color to clothing styles of a pre-selected avatar from the library, to make it unique, to make it your own, and exactly what you need, including body motion.
  • Customize Videos – use the smart video editor of Animaze to customize your scenes, the music, and text displays.
  • Lip-Sync Technology – add input text through the lip-sync technology that will generate a voice-over. You can select the voice and tone which are used.
  • Voice Recording – use the voice recorder to create your own voice-over, using your own voice.
  • HD Videos – export videos in HD Quality.

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How Does Animaze Work?

Even though this is a video creation software platform, you shouldn’t feel intimidated if you have no experience in making videos. It is simple and intuitive, the user-friendly point-and-click interface allows you freedom and versatility. Here’s how to use it:

  • Step 1: Upload your own head shot to convert into a 3D avatar or select an avatar from the library, and customize it.
  • Step 2: Customize the avatar and the scene using all of the available features and capabilities, including camera angles, voice over, etc. Remember, everything is point-and-click.
  • Step 3: Export your video in HD.

The exporting process takes no more than a couple of minutes and your fully customized and quickly crafted video is ready to be published!

Animaze Review: Who Should Try It?

Animaze is suitable for any online marketer who wishes to start making videos for their business. It is suitable for you if you don’t have money to hire a professional, or you lack the skills to process videos yourself.

It saves time and money, and is extremely user-friendly. If you want to make more profits and generate more traffic for your offers, Animaze is a great addition to your marketing strategies. Virtually anyone can start using it thanks to the point-and-click technology, and you don’t need any previous knowledge or experience.

Is Animaze Worth Your Money?

Hiring a freelancer to make your videos is expensive. A single video in HD quality can cost a $100. Sometimes even more. Animaze allows you to create professional-grade 3D animated videos with no additional costs once you buy the software. In that sense, I do believe investing in such a solution is worth your money.

Animaze Review: Bonuses

There are several bonuses you can expect. They will give you more ideas and confidence in how to use the software. These include:

  • Live training on how to use the software;
  • A 6-Figure video script for you to make;
  • Additional insights & tricks with Animaze.

Animaze Review: Price & Discounts

As I said, compared to hiring a professional, using Animaze can save you tons of money. The software release is on July 8th at 10 AM EST and it will be sold for $47. That’s it. A one-time payment gives you lifetime access to the avatars’ library and all the capabilities the tool offers. Ready to make some high-quality videos and boost your sells? Animaze lands on July 8th!

Animaze Review: Additional Offers

There are three upsells you will encounter if you purchase Animaze. All of them upgrade further what you can do using the software:

  • OTO 1: Animaze PRO for $67.
  • OTO 2: Animaze Agency License for $67.
  • OTO 3: Animaze Templates Club for $97.

Animaze Review: Pros & Cons


  • User-Friendly & Easy-to-Use;
  • No Professional Experience Required;
  • Point-and-Click Working Process;
  • Extremely Versatile & Powerful;
  • Can Export HD Videos;
  • Fully Customizable Elements;
  • Lip-Sync & Audio Recording Capabilities;
  • Significantly Low Price;
  • Saves You Time & Money;
  • Live Training Sessions;
  • Bonus Materials;
  • One-Time Payment;
  • Lifetime Access;
  • Constant Support.


  • Takes some getting used to.

Animaze Review: Conclusion

Animaze is a powerful video creation software. You can use it to quickly and easily make 3D avatars from your own photos and pictures, or fully customize existing avatars from the library. You have full control over how to build your scene and video, including voice-over and came angles.

The software is user-friendly and requires no previous experience to master. It works on a point-and-click basis and helps you make HD videos for your business. If you’ve read my Animaze Review until the end, you already know how this software can help you boost sales and profits.

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