Avatar Academy Review

Avatar Academy is a huge graphics bundle that does one thing – empower your content strategies. In the past few years, content marketing has proven to be key to conversions and sales. But it was not text that attracted the most people. It was visuals.

Visuals grab attention and retain it. When your visitors get distracted, you can shift their attention back to your offer with graphics. Especially if they are professionally designed and beautiful. This returned and retained attention increases your chances for conversions which, naturally, means more profits for you.

That’s why you should read this Avatar Academy Review and consider all the benefits you can get out of this graphics bundle.

What Is Avatar Academy?

Avatar Academy is a huge graphics bundle that comes at a low price and the ability to boost your marketing in more than 20 high-in-demand niche markets. It solves one problem – having to pay huge amounts of money to graphic designers for good graphics.

When buying Avatar Academy, you will save a lot from not having to purchase graphics from freelancers or hire employees. That’s its main advantage, alongside the attention-grabbing high quality you will find with this bundle.

FireLaunchers Strike Again

Avatar Academy is another one of FireLaunchers’ great offers. If you’re following my blog, you’ve noticed how pleased I am with all of their digital products and services. It gets old repeating how good they are at providing top-notch products for their clients.

If you’ve come across FireLaunchers before and you’ve tried their products, I’m sure you won’t have doubts about this. If this is your first time discovering one of their digital marketing kits, keep reading to see what you get as their client.

Avatar Academy Review: Features

Avatar Academy is a splendid bundle, a huge collection of animated avatars. The popular niche markets represented in this bundle include:

  • Aeronautics;
  • Architecture;
  • Arts;
  • Attorneys, Law & Order;
  • Beauty;
  • Bikers & Boxers;
  • Child Care;
  • Cleaning & Repairs;
  • Education;
  • Entertainment;
  • Fashion;
  • Health & Fitness;
  • Hotels;
  • Journalism;
  • Mechanics & Cars;
  • Medical;
  • Office;
  • Photographer;
  • Royal Theme;
  • Scientist;
  • Sports & Games;
  • SuperHeroes.

For each niche, there are several animated avatars. Each comes in two formats – GIF and MOV. This Epic Bundle is divided into two modules:

  • Module 1: 257+ Animated Avatars.
  • Module 2: Step-by-Step Video Tutorials – How to Edit Your Avatars.

This adds great value to the bundle, as you’ll be able to modify and personalize the avatars for your targeted niche quickly and easily, without having to hire professionals.

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How Does Avatar Academy Work?

There are two options how to get and use this bundle. The first is for Personal Use only that does not give you commercial rights over the available graphics.

The second option is to purchase it with Private Label Rights. The PLR allows you to sell the package to third parties and keep all the profits for yourself.

The PLR addition of the bundle includes several modules combined in a professional Resellers Kit:

  • Module #1: High-Converting Sales Page Copy Written by Professionals
  • Module #2: Professionally Designed Advertising Graphics
  • Module #3: High-Converting Minisites
  • Module #4: Email Swipes to Boost Conversions
  • Module #5: Attention-Grabbing Animated Banners
  • Module #6: Legal Pages

The Resellers Kit will help you create your own sales funnel around this product and sell it for profit, keeping 100% of it. Of course, you won’t be able to resell the PLR rights, but that’s just details.

All of this means you can use the package in two ways – boost your own marketing efforts with stunning graphics to improve sales in one of the featured niche markets or resell the kit for profit and label it as your own.

Avatar Academy Review: Who Should Try It?

Anyone either looking for ways to cheaply boost their marketing or simply searching for a high-converting digital product to sell as a funnel, stands to benefit from this offer.

Bloggers, marketers, website owners, entrepreneurs can achieve significant results with such a bundle, especially if their business is focused on one of the featured niches.

Is Avatar Academy Worth Your Money?

Do you know how much it costs to purchase graphics from a freelance designer or a professional? To receive the PSD files and editable content to personalize? For a single graphic you might have to give a hundred dollars and sometimes more.

And that’s not worth it. What’s worth it is acquiring a whole bundle for a low price. A low price that allows you to acquire editable files and, on top of that, a PLR license. So, yes, I do think Avatar Academy is worth paying for, especially with all the benefits you can reap from such a bundle.

Avatar Academy Review: Price & Discounts

The Avatar Academy package will be released on the 28th of June at 9 AM EST. The promotional campaign of FireLaunchers will last for 7 days during which you’ll be able to claim the package at a discounted price.

How much does it cost?

  • $7.95 for Private Use Option
  • $12.95 for PLR License Option

You have some time to think and decide which do you prefer. Don’t miss your chance to score the massive bundle for such low prices! Remember that with the PLR license you can resell the pack as your own and keep 100% of the profits.

Avatar Academy Review: Additional Offers

If you purchase Avatar Academy you can expect to be presented with four upsells:

OTO 1: Avatar Academy Upgrade – an even bigger collection of graphics that goes for $19.95 for personal use or $24.95 for PLR:

  • 200+ Avatar Images in PNG, PSD, AI, & JPG formats;
  • 3,000+ Animated Graphics
  • 3,000+ Vector Graphics
  • 4,000+ Stock Images

OTO 2: 3D E-Covers Shop – a huge bundle of eCovers images for eBooks that goes for $11.95 for personal use or $14.95 for PLR:

  • 250+ DFY 3D eCovers templates for various niche markets;
  • 100+ DFY 2D eCovers templates, all in PNG, JPG, AI, and PSD file formats;
  • Editing Video Tutorials

OTO 3: 3D E-Covers Shop Upgrade – even more eCovers and images for eBooks, $24.95 for personal use or $29.95 for PLR

OTO 4: Product Installation Service for $67

To get access to any of these products and additional offers, you will need to purchase the core Avatar Academy and select what you want from the rest of the offers. It is not mandatory to buy all of them, but all of them will give you an edge in your marketing efforts.

Avatar Academy Review: Pros & Cons


  • High-Quality Graphics;
  • More Than 20 Niche Markets;
  • Attention-Grabbing Resources;
  • Editing Tutorials;
  • All File Formats Become Yours;
  • Boosts Engagement & Conversions;
  • Optimizes & Improves Content Marketing Strategies;
  • Professional PLR Reseller Kit;
  • DFY Marketing Resources;
  • All-in-One Bundle – Products & Marketing Tools;
  • It Is Extremely Cheap.


  • Everyone has access to the same graphics.

Avatar Academy Review: Conclusion

Avatar Academy is a great animated graphics bundle. Use more than 250 unique graphics from 20 high-in-demand niche markets to boost your marketing, increase engagement, and make your sales soar.

The bundle can be used privately or you can buy it with a PLR license to resell it and keep 100% of the profits for yourself. In addition, you will get video tutorials on how to edit and personalize the graphics if you wish. And all of that – for a couple of bucks.

I find this to be a very sweet deal you should not miss out on, and I hope my Avatar Academy Review has been informative enough to explain why! Good luck!

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