Children Books Empire Review

Children like to read. They thirst for literally anything that can teach them about the mysterious world. Their parents are equally eager to see their little ones learn all about relevant stuff. That is why they readily buy any children’s book that they come across, as long as they are convinced it will help their bundle of joy. Each day of reading presents an opportunity to get new knowledge that would make them important members of society.

As you might have guessed already, this is an area you can cash in and make great profits. The niche is highly lucrative and if well exploited, you could soon be flourishing in money, thanks to your brilliance. The only thing you have to do is come up with unique content meant for children and you are set.

Even as we acknowledge the lucrativeness of this area, we must come to terms with the fact that writing a children’s book is not equivalent to crafting adult content. You must put yourselves in their shoes, imagining to be young again so that whatever you create is relevant to their stage in life. With proper training, you are able to comfortably do so.

This is where Children Books Empire comes in. This is a meticulously-designed book publishing video course where you are guided on amazing genres for children’s books.

In this Children Books Empire review, I will cover all the key details of the course, what it is all about, its pros and cons, as well as whether or not you should try it. By the time you are done reading the review, you will have to determine if Children Books Empire is worth your money and time.

About The Creator

You might be interested to find out who created such an innovative product. This is a brilliant creation of none other than Alessandro Zamboni, the famous Internet marketer. He has a solid background, full of countless tales of success and quality products all over the Internet. Each product he comes up with is meant to add real-world value to the consumers.

One thing that makes me trust Alessandro Zamboni is his open communication channels. He openly shares different media through which he can be reached. This, coupled with the many years of experience in the industry, only serves to ascertain that whatever he offers you shall add value to your life – both at a personal level and also businesswise.

I would not have trouble trying any of his releases. After all, this is something he has been doing long enough to know the right approaches to take to be of help.

What Is Children Books Empire?

Children Books Empire is a course created to help you publish zero-content books in the very lucrative and ever-expanding niche. With this 14-video course, you will be guided step-by-step in all that you need to do to become a renowned book publisher for kids.

Publishing these kinds of books does not require a lot of time. As a matter of fact, you could be done within a day or two. Feel free to print them or sell them via Amazon at enticing profits. There are several features associated with Children Books Empire. Here are some of the things that you will discover in the video training:

  • What zero-content genre is
  • How zero-content genre works
  • Two types of books to get started with
  • Areas to get exactly what you want
  • Getting the perfect fonts
  • Outsourcing the paper book cover
  • Phases of creating the two books
  • And many other exciting stuff.

Children’s books are a well-established area and one which is set to grow to greater heights in years to come. Kids all over the world require at least two of these books and parents do not have a hard time buying them. Children Books Empire helps you become a part of this niche.

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Children Books Empire Review: Specifics

Children Books Empire is all about providing a detailed, video-based course that trains on how to create zero-content paper books for children. It teaches you how you can create simple books for kids from the age of 3 to 8 years old. You do not require any technical skills because everything is provided to you on a silver platter.

These kinds of books are very profitable and sell like crazy. The fact that competition in the niche is minimal at the moment works to your advantage. Get started with it today and dominate the industry before many others step in. There is a competitive advantage with being among the first few in any given area of investment.

Children Books Empire shares the most creative method ever to come up with children’s books. The children’s parents will not have a hard time purchasing these books because they are eager to see their little ones read any helpful content. Don’t worry about saturation since this is a genre that cannot get saturated. You only get a competitive advantage if you get started earlier.

How Does Children Books Empire Work?

Ones you have purchased the course, everything is done in a step-by-step manner so that no one gets lost along the way. Here is a breakdown of the three steps required to get started:

  • Step 1: Choose books

Begin by selecting the two books which the creator shall show you.

  • Step 2: Create the book

Creating the book is an easy thing as it involves a simple copy-and-paste process. You do not need special skills to do that.

  • Step 3: Sell!

Sell the book on the world’s biggest e-commerce platform, Amazon. Use any of the provided keywords to easily reach the target audience.

Children Books Empire Review: Who Should Try It?

This is a course I would definitely recommend. It has all the features required to get started with the very lucrative children’s books niche. The 14-video series is carefully crafted so that you can follow through step by step.

Is Children Books Empire Worth Your Money?

Yes! Every child in the world requires at least two books. Now, think of all the parents who storm the online markets to get their children books. When you use Children Books Empire to learn how to become a part of the niche, you are assured of an abundant flow of income from this very profitable industry. Try it and you will be glad that you did!

Children Books Empire Review: Bonuses

  • Children books keywords

This is an exclusive bonus meant specifically for those who buy Children Books Empire within a given period of time. If you buy it today, you will be eligible for the bonus.

The bonus gives you access to an outstanding list of keywords that can be used to target customers on Amazon. And any other market throughout the Internet. Be sure to follow the suggestions provided by the course creator to rank higher so that you can sell more.

The application of this keywords bonus book has also been discussed in the course so that you’ll be able to benefit from using it once you finish with the program.

Children Books Empire Review: Price & Discounts

The course price is incredibly low. At just $17, you will have access to the outstanding features explained above. This is a course which you would ordinarily have to pay more than $400. In fact, Alessandro Zamboni estimates it to cost anywhere from $497.

His main focus is not on the money. His main aim is to help you establish your business from scratch. That explains the low price. With a 14-day money-back guarantee, you have every reason to trust the product.

In case you find Children Books Empire not being of any help, just send the creator an email and you will get a refund within 48 hours – no questions asked.

Children Books Empire Review: Additional Offers

The front-end product is all that you need for great results. However, if you want more, there are a couple of OTOs to consider:

  • OTO 1 valued at $27

With this OTO, you will learn how to create three types of these books based on inspiration from adult coloring books. The video series is designed in the simplest manner possible so that anyone can have an easy time following.

  • OTO 2 valued at $37 – $47

You will be shown a variety of game books (7 in total) that can be created using free tools.

  • OTO 3 valued at $197 – $297

This is for high-end customers who are given access to a massive set of videos guiding how to publish books on Kindle, creating audiobooks, paper books, and much more.

Children Books Empire Review: PROS & CONS


  • An easy-to-follow course;
  • Detailed explanation on children books publishing;
  • Covers a highly profitable niche;
  • Does not require technical skills to start;
  • Several OTOs for upgrading to;
  • Has a money-back guarantee.


  • None to report so far.

Children Books Empire Review: Conclusion

Thank you for having taken the time to read this Children Books Empire review. I hope I have covered all the important details necessary to make an informed decision. I highly recommend this product since it is based on a very lucrative niche worth your money.

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