EZ Facebook Tracking PLR Review

If you’re into online business, you would have definitely heard about Facebook ads right? Well if you’ve had any personal experience with it, you would know how complicated it is. Except you’re a guru. Even gurus were at a point once novices too.

Using Facebook ads can be very profitable for your business, but it’s also easy to hit rock bottom if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You probably also know that the success of your business with Facebook ads hinges on a lot of information like:

  • Knowing when someone visits your site
  • Knowing when an item in your online store is added to a customer’s shopping cart.
  • Or when an item is removed from the cart
  • When a purchase is made
  • When a prospective customer visits your site but doesn’t make a purchase
  • What ads to make to retarget specific visitors
  • How to track when someone becomes a lead, etc

But you can’t know all this if you don’t have the Facebook Pixel setup properly on your site. Facebook Pixel is a machine that keeps track of all the activity that goes on within your store.

As useful as it is, not a lot of people know how to properly set it up and that greatly affects their business. Being unable to set up your pixel properly means you won’t know what’s happening in your store and won’t be able to take counter actions.

Thankfully there’s a way out of that. Introducing the EZ Facebook Tracking PLR Videos. It is a training that will put an end to your bad experiences with Facebook ads.
Read on and find out more.

EZ Facebook Tracking PLR Videos Review – What is it?

The EZ Facebook Tracking PLR Videos is a step by step video course that will show you all the things you need to know about using Facebook as a form of paid advertisement.

It teaches you what you need to do even before you install your Facebook Ad Pixel. Many people don’t even know there are steps to take before installing the pixel.

This course gives you the upper hand over others as it takes you through an over the shoulder process to ensure you grasp everything you need to know from scratch.

EZ Facebook Tracking PLR Videos Review – About the creator

The author of this product is none other than Jason Oickle. He is also a senior officer at Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions of Canada. He is a known marketer, a developer and a blogger. He is a marketer known for his specialty in creating private label rights products.

He has had a number of successfully published products that have helped marketers like him with maintaining the success of their prospective businesses. Some of these products include; PLR Video Formula, Instagram Knockout, EZ PLR Funnels, EZ YouTube SEO, PLR Dealer amongst others.

He has had tremendous success with his products and is about to replicate that with the EZ Facebook Tracking PLR Videos.

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EZ Facebook Tracking PLR Videos Review – What is it about?

This product gives you a series of videos that train you step by step. There are 9 videos contained in this training which give you thorough information on all you need to know about running a successful Facebook Ad campaign.

The videos go in a specific order and train you extensively, one step after another, on the processes you need to take to start and run successful Facebook advertising campaigns.

The breakdown of the videos and what they entail is written below. Read on to find out more:

  • Video 1: Introduction to Facebook tracking.
  • Video 2: Business manager setup
  • Video 3: Create a Facebook pixel
  • Video 4: Standard Events Overview
  • Video 5: Email opt-in funnel events
  • Video 6: Abandoned carts funnel events
  • Video 7: Purchase funnel events
  • Video 8: Lead form funnel
  • Video 9: How to test your pixel is active

You can see by this breakdown how detailed the training is. It leaves no stone unturned in ensuring you know exactly what you need to do, right from the beginning till the end of your campaign.

EZ Facebook Tracking PLR Video Review – How does it work?

This product is actually very easy to use. The EZ Facebook Tracking PLR Videos is useful to you in two different ways.

You can decide to study its content and utilize what you have learned for the benefit of your business. Or you can also decide to rebrand this product and sell as your personal product too. You could as well do both at the same time.

This product can be a means of generating multiple streams of income for yourself. It has been structured in such a way that it gives you all you need to rebrand its contents to suit the uniqueness of your brand.

EZ Facebook Tracking PLR Review – Who should try it?

Are you totally new to the concept of Facebook ads? Have you been having a hard time generating traffic to your page using Facebook ad campaigns? Have you bought numerous courses online to help you with Facebook Ads and have seen no results?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, then you’re in the right place. The EZ Facebook Tracking PLR Videos training is all you need to turn your fortunes around.

This training will ensure your success with using Facebook ads as it teaches you all you need to know from scratch, while taking you through a step by step format. This product will be perfect for all types of marketers including CTA marketers and affiliate marketers alike.

It will also be useful to e-commerce individuals and all persons who own online business, Review and are interested in using Facebook ads as a means of generating traffic.

EZ Facebook Tracking PLR Video – Is it worth your money?

Let’s take a look at the ways this product can serve you in order to determine if it could be possibly worth your money. Below is a list of ways the EZ Facebook Training PLR Videos can be beneficial to you:

  • You can add the videos to your paid membership program
  • You can resell the video directly, even via Amazon
  • You can use the videos to build an email list
  • You can create physical products from it like DVD’s
  • You can create lessons for your private coaching classes
  • Use them as a bonus for your affiliate offers
  • You can convert the content into blog posts
  • Offer it as a bonus with your paid offers
  • Use the content it provides as part of your new product
  • Sell the product as backlink offers

However you choose to look at it, after reading through the few ways this product can serve you, you will accept that this product is a great one and worth its weight in gold.

EZ Facebook Tracking PLR Video Review – Bonuses

When you purchase the EZ Facebook Tracking PLR Videos, these are the bonuses that come with it:

  • A professionally written sales letter from a top copywriter
  • Complete high-quality mini-site graphics design
  • PSD source files for all images
  • Transcripts and MP3’s of all the videos

EZ Facebook Tracking PLR Video Review – Price and Discount

For a product as value-packed as the EZ Facebook Tracking PLR Videos, it would probably be shocking how cheap it is.

Because Jason has your best interest at heart, he has made the entire training course and its bonuses available at a jaw-dropping price of $9.72. Yes, that’s right! All the benefits and bonuses listed above will set you back less than the amount you probably spend per week on coffee.

This is an insane opportunity you desperately need to jump on. I doubt this price will stay this low for too long, it’s already too good to be true so don’t hesitate any further.

EZ Facebook Tracking PLR Video Review – Pros and Cons

Below is a list of advantages and disadvantages you get from using this product.


  • You get a well detailed training that teaches you all you need to know from start to finish.
  • The training is based on real results that have been tested.
  • You also get full customer support with the product.
  • It is newbie friendly. So you need not worry if you have no prior experience with Facebook ads.
  • The product gives you unlimited access to its content to do what you please.
  • No special skills are required to use this product.


  • There are no known disadvantages that come with using this product.

EZ Facebook Tracking PLR Video Review – Conclusion

I have to commend you for reading till this far. I hope this review was able to educate you on some things and also shed some light on what you might have found confusing before.

This product is a steal at its current price and it would be unwise for anyone not to invest in it. With all the valuable content it has to offer, that’s enough reason to cop it. But the EZ Facebook Tracking PLR Videos also gives you the opportunity to make some passive income from it. What’s not to like? Don’t hesitate, go ahead and make your purchase now!

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