EZ Social Content PLR Review

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EZ Social Content PLR comes from a team well-known for the numerous PLR packages they’ve released.

All of their offers are both training guides with Private Label Rights that people have found tremendously useful both when it comes to creating your own funnel thanks to the PLR license and when learning yourself from the courses.

This new PLR package comes after dozens of others covering topics like affiliate marketing, Facebook Ads and retargeting, Video marketing, SEO for YouTube, Blogging, and more, explored and professionally presented by Jason Oickle and his team.

I have no doubt that this PLR package will offer the same high-quality of resources and materials both for learning and reselling.

What Is EZ Social Content PLR?

EZ Social Content is an extensive Video Course on creating, managing, and leveraging social content for profit. It contains 9 modules of professional videos that can train people on how to utilize the power of social content.

The solution also comes with full Private Label Rights license that gives you even more opportunities when purchasing it. To learn more about how you can actually leverage this new course, keep reading.

More About EZ Social Content PLR

Creating social content that attracts attention and can convert your target audience is a hard thing to do. You need to be aware of how to grab the attention and hold it long enough to plant the seed in your potential customers’ minds.

EZ Social Content is a new tool people can utilize to create engaging and impactful content for social media channels. It is a guide and a PLR pack that can be used in a multitude of ways. The main reason behind the creation of this solution is to gain a better understanding of how and which content will work for the benefit of your business.

Read the full EZ Social Content Review for more and important details on this new training guide with PLR.

EZ Social Content PLR Review: Features

EZ Social Content PLR is a 9-part training course with over-the-shoulder videos covering different aspects of content for social media, discussing them at length:

  • Video 1: Introduction – covers the basics of Simple Social Content and how important (and more effective) it is to keep it simple when trying to deliver a powerful message.
  • Video 2: Audience Analyses – before you start creating content and enacting your content marketing strategy, you need to understand your audience so that you can create the content suitable for your audience’s needs, interests, and tastes.
  • Video 3: Similar Interests – once you get to know your audience better, it is good to find a variety of topics that unites your audience. Here you’ll learn how to develop a broader view and understanding of your audience so that you can create more diverse content.
  • Video 4: Where is Your Audience – learn how to find your audience, their social media channels, most used social media, pages they visit the most, etc. This gives a better understanding of what type of content they consume the most, giving you a better idea of the forms of content that will help you reach them more effectively.
  • Video 5: The Power of Images – in this video, you will learn how to discover and identify powerful images that can boost engagement. And it’s not about getting royalty-free images, it’s about understanding how your competition uses the power of images.
  • Video 6: The Power of Words – this video covers the topic of finding the best words to communicate your message and engage with your audience in the right tone and voice.
  • Video 7: Creation Time – learn how to use simple tools to create simple but powerful content. The topic covers the best tools for the job and how to minimize the time required to create content. Hint: Keep it simple.
  • Video 8: Organizing Content – the video teaches you how to prioritize and organize content so that you can create as many pieces of content as quickly as possible.
  • Video 9: Auto Scheduling – learn how to schedule your social media content for your social media channels so that you spend less time posting on social media manually and more time scaling your business.

And this is just the content of the video course. In addition, in regard to the PLR package, you will receive:

  1. PLR Videos – boost your sales funnel you can create with this PLR with the featured videos. They are not branded so that you can brand them yourself and use them for promotions.
  2. Professional Graphics – make use of awesome product images, banners, and header and footer images. They come with the .PSD files so that you can edit them to your taste.
  3. Sales Copy – make use of professional sales copy proven to convert to boost your engagement and traffic, and increase your sales.
  4. Transcripts & MP3 Files – create your own videos or edit the available ones with the provided PLR resources.

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How to Profit with EZ Social Content PLR?

EZ Social Content can be repurposed in any way you see fit because of the PLR license you will receive. Here are some ideas on how to profit with this package:

  • Directly resell the video course;
  • Create lectures, webinars, podcasts, and other interactive materials from the course;
  • Use the transcripts as a Lead Magnet for email subscriptions;
  • Create physical products – eBooks, DVDs, CDs, from the course;
  • Use the information from the course for your own business;
  • And more.

With PLR products, there is no limit to what you can do. The only limit to how to profit with this product is your own imagination and plans.

Of course, there are some conditions you need to take under consideration:

  • You are not allowed to sell the PLR;
  • You cannot give away PLR Videos;
  • You cannot give away the Transcripts or any of the PLR resources.

But why would you do that, if you can use them for your funnel and make profits from it?

EZ Social Content PLR Review: Who Should Try It?

EZ Social Content PLR is for anyone looking to polish their skills and knowledge for creating simple but impactful content for social media. It is also suitable for anyone looking to create their own sales funnel.

Is EZ Social Content PLR Worth Your Money?

The price of the PLR package is extremely small given that you receive a whole training course and converting PLR materials to use for your sales funnel. You stand to gain much more than you invest when purchasing the product, that’s why I think it is totally worth the money.

To add to that, it is an invaluable training course in a very popular niche. Today, everything happens on social media, and you should not underestimate the demand for such courses.

EZ Social Content PLR Review: Price & Discounts

The core EZ Social Content PLR package will be released on June 17th. The price of the whole offer is $7.97 which is laughingly little given everything you will receive in this package. That’s why you should really consider grabbing this offer if you’re looking for a PLR to turn into a sales funnel in that niche.

EZ Social Content PLR Review: Additional Offers

You can expect 4 upsells to come with your purchase:

  • OTO 1: EZ Social Content Sales Video ($12.97) – additional sales materials
  • OTO 2: EZ PLR Funnels Special ($17) – a complete guide on how to use sales materials and run your sales funnels with the PLR; comes with PLR.
  • OTO 3: PLR Video Formula Special ($17) – complete video guide on profiting with PLRs; comes with PLR.
  • OTO 4: PLR Dealer Elite Membership ($2.99 for 29 days, $17/month after that) – full membership to PLR Dealer’s community and access to the latest and hottest PLR offers.

EZ Social Content PLR Review: Pros & Cons


  • Extensive Video Course;
  • Full PLR License;
  • Hot Topic in a Hot Niche;
  • Professional DFY Sales Materials;
  • Tons of Opportunities to Profit;
  • Extremely Low Price;
  • You Keep 100% of the Profits.


  • None have been identified so far.

EZ Social Content PLR Review: Conclusion

EZ Social Content PLR is a great resource to launch your own sales funnel. It is both a course on creating impactful social content and a PLR pack. You can learn from it or resell it in any form and keep 100% of the profits.

I hope that my EZ Social Content PLR Review has been of use to you and you’ve managed to get a better idea of what you’ll receive with this product.

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