EZ Viral Infographics PLR Review

What Is EZ Viral Infographics PLR?

EZ Viral Infographics is a 9-part video course that comes with a PLR license. It is over-the-shoulder training that teaches you and your customers how to create content that can grow viral.

And do you know what something viral leads to? Increased sales and increased profits due to the rapid increase in traffic that gets generated to your site or offer.

Images and visual content, in general, are more memorable and recognizable, grab attention and increase conversions. And that has been proven over and over. That’s why so many businesses try to add more images to their creatives.

That’s why courses and training solutions like EZ Viral Infographics get released. Infographics are one of the most powerful visual creatives you can provide your target audience with. Their main advantage is in combining text with images.

With infographics, you can provide the most important information in an engaging kind of way. That can give your business more credibility, boost your exposure, and increase sales due to the spike in the trust you invoke. Read my full EZ Viral Infographics PLR Review to learn how to benefit from this package.

About The Creator

EZ Viral Infographics PLR was developed by Jason Oickle and the PLR Dealer company. We’ve already discussed them and I’d presume you are aware of their expertise.

If you aren’t, here’s the short version – they are a team of dedicated developers and trainers with decades of online marketing experience. They’ve released dozens of educational and training products, always accompanied by PLR licenses. Their goal is to empower marketers and entrepreneurs for better results.

I’ve carefully examined not just their previous products, but this one as well. And what I see is quite satisfying. That’s why I’m using this EZ Viral Infographics PLR Review to recommend you the course. To find out more about it, keep reading.

EZ Viral Infographics PLR Review: Course Videos & Modules

As mentioned, EZ Viral Infographics PLR contains 9 over-the-shoulder videos and PLR license with the designated sales materials. Here’s how the material has been divided:

  • Video #1: EZ Viral Infographics Overview – in this short introductory video you will learn what is contained in the whole course. You can prepare yourself for an extensive journey into the world of creating and using infographics for profit.
  • Video #2: Anatomy of Successful Infographics – you think you know what infographics are, but this video goes into some deep details, including which are the most effective ways to create infographics, how to use them, and what are the must-haves for engaging visuals.
  • Video #3: Different Style of Infographics – the video goes into detail on how to differentiate the different styles you can use to create infographics, so that they fit your niche and target audience. There are 8 styles discussed in the video, that you can mix and play around with.
  • Video #4: How to Make Thought-Provoking Infographics – the video introduces you to various strategies that will teach you how to make your visual engaging and interesting for your audience. You will be presented with 13 techniques you can use during this part of the EZ Viral Infographics course.
  • Video #5: How to Make Call-to-Action Infographics – of course, your ultimate goal is to stir your target audience into action. Whether it will be to buy a product, visit your website, contact you, or anything else, this video will teach you how to create infographics with a CTA nature.
  • Video #6: Free & Paid Tools to Use for Infographics – you don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to create great infographics. This module discusses 5 handy tools you can use to create your visuals.
  • Video #7: Using Piktochart for Infographics – this is one of the most popular tools for creating infographics today. The module goes into detail on how to create great visual quickly and easily.
  • Video #8: Promoting Infographics on Social Media – learn tips and tricks on how to effectively promote infographics across your social media channels to gain more exposure and increase the traffic to your business.
  • Video #9: Bonus Ninja Trick – the last module is a practical trick on how to get more traffic and a flood of visitors with your newly created infographics.

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How Does EZ Viral Infographics PLR Work?

You can use this course in two ways. You can learn from it and boost your and your clients’ results and profits, or you can use the PLR license and resell it, keeping 100% of your profits. Here’s what comes with the PLR package:

  • PLR Videos – professionally crafted videos as part of the sales materials bundle you can use to sell this course as a funnel.
  • Sales Copy – sales copy materials to add to your website, sales page and funnel to give essence to your funnel, without wasting time or spending money for freelancers.
  • Professional Visual – graphic materials like product banners, images, and so on. You also receive the PSD file formats so that you can edit them after your own liking.
  • MP3 Files & Video Transcripts – additional PLR resources you can use to create your own content like videos, social media posts, and email swipes.

The availability of these sales materials gives you the chance to quickly and easily launch your own sales funnel with the EZ Viral Infographics course in its core. Of course, there’s a multitude of other things you can do thanks to the PLR license, including:

  • Create webinars, lectures, interactive content, podcasts, etc;
  • Create lead magnet resources for paid subscriptions or email subscribers;
  • Create eBooks, CDs, DVDs and sell them online as physical products.

Of course, you cannot resell the PLR license, give the videos away for free, or any of the PLR resources for that matter, but in any case, you’ll keep 100% of the profits you’ve made from reselling the materials and knowledge.

EZ Viral Infographics PLR Review: Who Is It For?

Anyone looking to improve their engagement, increase their reach and exposure by more effectively using infographics, should consider this course. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals, even if you are a graphic designer too. It simply helps optimize your work.

In addition, if you’re looking to launch a sales funnel of your own, that offers value to your customers and clients, take advantage of the PLR and do it.

Is EZ Viral Infographics PLR Worth Your Money?

From what I saw, the value of this course hides in its ability not only to help you develop more and valuable skills as a marketer. The featured PLR license will repay you again and again if you decide to create your own funnel out of this. So in that sense, yes, I do believe it is worth the tiny investment.

EZ Viral Infographics PLR Review: Price & Discounts

EZ Viral Infographics launches on July 2nd. The course costs only $7 for the huge library of videos, the tons of information, and the PLR license you get. I find this to be a very good deal.

If you think the same and you should consider grabbing a cheap yet valuable course on infographics and how to use them to boost your traffic, claim your copy on July 2nd!

EZ Viral Infographics PLR Review: Additional Offers

There are 4 upsell accompanying this course, all targeted at users who want not just to learn but to build their funnels empire, too:

  • OTO 1: Sales Video for $12.97 – a professionally designed sales video to add to your sales materials when you launch your funnel.
  • OTO 2: PLR Funnels Special for $17 – a detailed guide and training on how to make the best out of the PLR license, how to set up and launch your sales funnel so that you profit immediately.
  • OTO 3: Video Formula PLR for $17 – a video training on making profits from a PLR license, that also comes with a PLR of its own.
  • OTO 4: PLR Dealer Membership – for $2.99 for the first 29 days. The monthly subscription after that is $17/month and gives you access to the latest PLR releases and the hottest offers you can launch first.

EZ Viral Infographics PLR Review: Pros & Cons


  • Detailed Video Course;
  • Invaluable Marketing Information & Insights;
  • Full PLR License;
  • A Hot & Trending Niche;
  • 100% DFY Sales Materials;
  • Multiple Profitable Opportunities;
  • Variety of Application;
  • The Lowest Possible Price;
  • Keep 100% of the Profits.


  • None have been identified.

EZ Viral Infographics PLR Review: Conclusion

EZ Viral Infographics PLR is a top-notch course for creating infographics and the most effective ways to use them to boost traffic, engagement, and sales. It comes with a PLR license that allows you to profit in a multitude of other ways, as well.

If you think infographics are your thing and you wish to boost your business with them, consider grabbing this course. If you’re looking for a product in a hot niche to launch as your own sales funnel, consider this course. I hope my EZ Viral Infographics Review was informational enough, and that you’ve finally found a way to become the entrepreneur you’re hoping to be.

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