Google My Business 2.0 Review

Google is the most used search engine in the world. That’s most likely where potential customers go to in order to find out about any business. Google My Business is a tool that has made it easy for such businesses to feature facts about themselves to be viewed by various audiences.

It’s a tool that allows you to create data or lets you choose an auto-generated one for your business. It is a valuable tool for any business as it satisfies the basic curiosities of your target audience concerning your business. A lot of businesses already utilize this tool to increase awareness.

As important as this tool can be for a business, many people don’t know it exists. A lot more people don’t take proper advantage of its capabilities, because they don’t know how to. It is a genuine source in which you can use to validate the authenticity of your business. It also helps increase the exposure your business has. And with more exposure comes more conversions.

Google My Business 2.0 Review: Who Should Try It?

Every business trying to increase their SEO rating, or trying to increase their local popularity, or any and all businesses trying to gain more exposure in general needs this. GMB is a tool that is effective in helping any business achieve all this. Having the course helps you easily navigate through the tool and reduces your learning curve.

Let’s take a look at some more information that should convince you about how important this tool is for your business.

Both old and new, small and large as well as struggling and successful businesses can benefit greatly from this training and utilizing this tool. Everyone is always looking for how to get to the top and stay there, this will help you out-rank the competition and maintain your number one spot.

What Is Google My Business 2.0?

Google My Business 2.0 with PLR is a complete interactive training course that will open your eyes to the possibilities that can be tapped into. It’s a program that will change your perspective on how you can use the GMB tool to the advantage of your business.

The course also comes with a Private Label Rights which allow you to reproduce and resell its contents. You can decide to reproduce this as your personal product for purchase and keep all the proceeds. This feature alone exposes you to an unlimited opportunity to convert traffic into sales.

About The Creators

The Google My Business 2.0 was developed by a team of highly skilled professionals known as Firelaunchers. They are a team known for coming up with dozens of professional solutions that help businesses worldwide.

Are they trustworthy? A lot of businesses have trusted them by using their products and haven’t been disappointed. Before creating this guide, they have studied numerous trends just to ensure they produce an optimized, up-to-date product. This guide will help you master the use of the Google My Business tool adequately.

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Google My Business 2.0 Review: What Is It About?

The extensive course mainly covers two aspects explained below:

1. Google My Business 2.0 Training Guide

  • How to get started with creating and claiming your GMB account?
  • Why do you need to list your business in local SEO?
  • Which are the latest Google My Business updates you should know about?
  • How can you improve local SEO and how it affects your company’s GMB page rankings?
  • In what ways can you improve Google Places page ranking?
  • What are the important things you might not know about Google My Business categories?
  • A comprehensive and complete Google My Business Optimization Checklist for you.
  • What tips can car dealers follow to rank higher on Google My Business?
  • How can restaurants use Google My Business for Menu Listing & Local Posts and rank higher in local SEO?
  • What are the most common Google My Business Mistakes and how to fix them?
  • How to analyze and measure Google My Business traffic data?
  • Some Best Business Case studies leveraging GMB platform to drive sales and revenue.

The well-researched content can be applied to niche-specific businesses as well as in a general manner, regardless of the industry you’re in. For a lot of people who are unaware of how to use this tool to their advantage, there’s the Google My Business 2.0 training program which can help with that.

Let’s take a look at why it’s imperative you use this free tool from Google.

  • Overwhelmed with the choices – customers have a lot of options to choose from these days. But the more information they have about a certain option, the more comfortable they get with choosing it. Making your business transparent to them gives your business a higher chance of being picked over others.
  • This has created a massive opportunity – for a lot of small businesses to come into limelight and has helped them attract a number of customers.
  • Perfectly created GMB listings: With a properly created profile, one that answers the pressing questions that your potential customers might have, you greatly increase the chances your business has to attract an influx of customers. People like engaging with others who seem to know more than they do.
  • Increases Local Exposure: All business listing in GMB have their addresses as part of the information provided. This makes it easier for potential localized customers who require your product/service find you. This increases the popularity of your business within your locality.
  • A visibly unique and informative GMB – listings can help attract potential customers to your website to create more brand awareness.
  • Google My Business platform – allows you to conveniently share valuable information with your audience without engaging in a bidding war with other businesses.

The Google My Business 2.0 review will give you an in-depth explanation about how the tool works and how you can utilize its power.

2. Private Label Rights

Backed by successful and extensive research, this course will guide you through the most effective practices to help create and optimize your GMB listing. This will help increase the SEO rating of your business. This is an effective means of increasing business exposure as the best marketers in the business have screened this process.

Using copy that is impeccable, you get to learn how to create professional sales pages for your business. You are also provided with a number of ready-to-use examples.

You also get the latest and updated Doodle style Sales videos. These videos will help in driving traffic for your business and drastically improve your sales conversions.

You’ll be provided with a set of professionally designed graphics designed for selling your products/service. You’ll also have the opportunity to edit these graphical content to suit your needs.

You need not worry about stressing over the creation of banners, as you will be provided with an array of banners to choose from. These banners will be made by professional individuals, so you can expect the best.

You get a list of email templates and swipe files which you can use for marketing. This will come in handy for those who have an email list or plan on building one. All templates are professionally written.

In this module, you get an already created sales page site. One made by a professional, so you can be sure to have your audience impressed by its content. No need to hire anyone to do that for you. All you’d need to do is upload your products and you’re ready to start making some money. All that time and energy of yours can then be used to focus on other things that ensure the further success of your business.

Instead of going through the troubles of having to create these legal pages, you are provided with them. You get well written Anti-Spam policy, Earning Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions pages. All you need to do is to edit or modify its content to your satisfaction.

You’ll also be provided with high-quality graphics to use on social media platforms. These graphics are suitable for use on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. These graphics can be used as banners or image posts, etc. They will help in attracting customers and improve your marketing reach. You will also be able to edit these graphics to your taste. In this module, you will be offered editable graphics for every topic covered throughout the course.

How Can I Use Google My Business 2.0?

One good thing about this course is the diversity of its use. It is applicable to a wide variety of businesses. There’s almost no business that the GMB can’t be utilized with, regardless of your business model or niche. Not only does the course teach you how to take advantage of the Google My Business tool, it also ensures:

  • You can bundle it with other products.
  • You can offer it as a bonus to your existing product and make your customers happy.
  • You can use it in your other video products or for your webinars.
  • You can distribute it to your affiliates for they promote you.
  • You can also create multiple eBooks out of it.
  • You can retain paying members by adding this product to your paid membership site.
  • You can rename, rebrand or customize it and claim full authorship. Everything is up to you.

You should know, however, the PLR package is non-transferable or sellable. Plus, the eBook itself should have a retail price of at least $7.

Is Google My Business 2.0 Worth Your Money?

Google My Business 2.0 gives you the chance to rebrand and resell its content like yours to make a profit. This alone has the capability to help you make back the money you used to purchase it in multiple folds.

It also helps your business in ranking high and helps you acquire much-needed traffic that will lead to sales. It also provides quality informative content in its course to help your business even more. Helps you save time other businesses have wasted in trying to attain the success they have made, and we all know time is money. Hence, it also helps you save money.

Using the GMB tool also allows you to have interactive sessions with your customers. That way you know first-hand what they want and work accordingly to provide this for them. As a business person, I’m sure you know that clear knowledge of your market and your customers will help make massive profits. That’s what this tool provides you. The list of benefits this course provides is endless. It’s not rocket science, this is obviously worth every cent.

Google My Business 2.0 Review: Bonuses

When you purchase the Google My Business 2.0 Training Guide, there are three additional bonuses you can benefit from:

Google My Business 2.0 Review: Price & Discounts

The course is priced at $27.95, which also includes the Private License Package. But it’s in its promotional period right now and you can acquire the whole package for the mere sum of $9.95 – a one-time payment. It’s definitely a steal if you consider it comes with Private Label Rights!

Google My Business 2.0 Review: Additional Offers

When ordering this course, you can as well decide to opt for some additional offers:

  • Google My Business 2.0 with PLR expansion – provides extensive videos & interactive training sessions; $31.49;
  • YouTube My Business with PLR – this is an extensive training guide to aid increase YouTube rankings; $9.95;
  • YouTube My Business with PLR expansion – provides you with extensive videos & interactive training channeled for YouTube marketing success; $31.59;
  • Product Installation Services – a one-time installation payment of $67;
  • Firelaunchers PRL Membership – paying for this gives you access to all of their products that come with PLR and lets you create unique offers for yourself; $1 for the 1st month, $27/month from the 2nd month.

All these offers provide you with a key to access high-quality products and services. With or without these additional offers, you get great value for your money’s worth.

Google My Business 2.0 Review: Pros & Cons

Let’s take a look at the summary of the benefits you will be getting when you decide to invest in the Google My Business 2.0 tool and training course.


  • Done-For-You Fully integrated sales funnel – you save so much money and time in looking for people to hire to make you a site or create products for your business. You will be provided will all these, made by professional individuals.
  • HQ sales material – you get high-quality sales materials in terms of graphics and content. These materials are developed by professionals with ample information.
  • Can start generating revenue today – with everything being done for you, you can start running your business as soon as possible and start making sales immediately. All you need to do is customize what you’re provided with to your taste and you’re good to go.
  • Drive in responsive leads – you can build a lasting relationship with your audience and turn them into a huge list of customers. Keeping them engaged with personal conversations and activities is one of the best ways to get higher returns from them.
  • No Recurring expenses – once you purchase the product, it’s yours. You need not worry yourself about additional or monthly charges.


  • The amount of information you get exposed to as a beginner might be overwhelming.

Google My Business 2.0 Review: Conclusion

Although there are a number of courses you can take to improve your knowledge and help with your business, not many offer the type of support Google My Business 2.0 does. With a hands-on training course that ensures you fully understand and are able to utilize its principles, it’s one of the few tools that ensure your success.

As low as the price is, it has so much value packed content that will help promote your business, will increase your reach and help you make a profit. Every business owner should invest in this and take their SEO ranking to a new level. You also get to repackage its content like yours to sell at your own price. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

I really hope that my Google My Business 2.0 review has added some value to you and will help you make the right decision for your business. Good luck!

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