Health and Wellness Planner Review

We’re at the age where selling info-products is a lucrative business, especially when you’re selling content that adds value to your audience. For a long time, people have invested their time and resources in selling info-products that revolve around the general well-being of people. That’s because people want to look and feel good about themselves. It is a niche that will always be profitable no matter how ‘saturated’ it seems.

Now, because people will always be inclined to purchasing something that will help with their health and general well-being doesn’t mean they don’t know what they want or they don’t look for the right products. As a person who wants to leverage on that, it might be hard for you to come up with enough quality content to satisfy a large, conscious market. So what do you do?

The best thing is to familiarize yourself with your target market and find out what they want. Once you’ve done this, you can then go ahead to consume as much information as possible about what you know they need. Doing this will ensure you provide your potential customers with valuable content.

There is one problem though, you will spend thousands of hours doing all this. And I’m sure you don’t have that amount of time to waste on all that, right? Well, you’re in luck. I have a product that will help you skip all those stages and will get you exactly what you need. It’s called the Health and Wellness Journal PLR. Read through this review and see what it’s all about.

Health and Wellness Journal PLR Review – What is it?

The Health and Wellness Journal PLR is a PLR strategic bundle that has in it various tips and information on general health. It contains information on a wide variety of specific niches like health, fitness, weight loss, etc. Information that your audience wants.

Health and Wellness Journal PLR Review – About the creator

The person who is responsible for creating such a valuable product is Dee Powers. He is a writer and marketer with years of publishing knowledge that knows what an audience wants.

Health and Wellness Journal PLR Review – What is it about

The Health and Wellness Journal PLR is a package that consists of a lot of general information about what is needed to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Inside the package, you will get the following:

  • 25 tips on diabetes, containing about 2132 words
  • 27 tips on high blood pressure and hypertension, containing about 2115 words
  • 52 weight loss tips, containing 2100 words
  • 58 miscellaneous health tips, containing 3018 words
  • A monthly health and wellness journal
  • Social media posts with original photos, etc
  • You can use the content to create a webinar
  • You can use the content to begin an e-book
  • You can use its content to promote your site and build an email list

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Health and Wellness Journal PLR Review – How does it work?

With this product, you are allowed to use its contents however you like. The only things you can’t do with it are; name yourself as the author, sell the product as a PLR and sell the photo contents. Asides that, you’re free to do whatever you want with it. That includes rebranding and reselling it.

It will function as an easy way for you to make some side money. You can as well use the content contained in the package to develop your personal brand.

Health and Wellness Journal PLR Review – Who should try it?

This product can literally be used by anybody. Fitness coaches and gym instructors can get it. Ecommerce professionals can find it helpful as well, online affiliate marketers will also find the Health and Wellness Journal useful for their businesses.

Health and Wellness Journal PLR Review – Is it worth your money?

Most definitely. It serves as a means by which you can grow your business, this fact on its own already makes the product indispensable as it adds value to your business. Then, it can also be used to source for more income by directly reselling it. It is arguable a product that’s worth investing in.

Health and Wellness Journal PLR Review – Price and Discount

The front-end price attached to this product is actually cheap. It will set you back about $17 to get your hands on the Health and Wellness Journal. But that price tag is only valid for a certain period. Because of how valuable the product is, the price will continually increase. It would do you a lot of good to purchase it while its price is still this low.

Health and Wellness Journal PLR Review – Additional offers

There are no additional offers that come with this product.

Health and Wellness Journal PLR Review – Pros and Cons

This section of the Health and Wellness PLR review talks about the advantages and disadvantages of using this product. Read them below.


  • You can use the content to promote your personal brand
  • You can resell the package itself as a means of getting a means of passive income
  • You can create your podcast series or newsletter series from the contents contained within the product
  • It provides you with valuable content, researched by professionals, which your audience is sure to appreciate.


  • There haven’t been any recorded disadvantages

Health and Wellness Journal PLR Review – Conclusion

This Health and Wellness Journal PLR review has come to an end. I hope with it, I was able to shed some light on the benefits on the product in question.

It’s a perfect product to invest in if you’re willing to leverage on the fitness and wellness niche. It has content that has been well researched to ensure your audience keep coming back for more. Dee Power also gives you the opportunity to resell the product for your profit. All these benefits, all at the price of $17. What more could you ask for? Make sure you claim your copy while the promotional period is on.

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