Instagram Follower Magnet PLR Review

Conquering social media channels has become a key element of any successful marketing campaign and strategy. But if Facebook was the social media that captured all the attention a few years ago, the industry is shifting gears and now Instagram is one of the most popular places to advertise.

Instagram is a source of unlimited free traffic. If targeted correctly, it can yield massive profits. But not everyone is well-versed in all the details around Instagram and how to profit from it. Here comes the Instagram Follower Magnet. This is a detailed Instagram training course that comes with additional major bonuses and PLR license. You can use it in a multitude of ways. If you have a vested interest in Instagram and want to find out how to leverage this package to make profits, carefully read the whole Instagram Follower Magnet review that follows.

What Is Instagram Follower Magnet PLR?

Instagram Follower Magnet PLR is the result of Instagram’s speedy take-off in the last couple of years. This is a thorough training guide with up-to-date and carefully researched information compiled by professionals. The main goal of the package is to teach people how to tap into the lucrative opportunities that Instagram opens to them. Whether you’re in the B2B or B2C business, you will find this course extremely valuable.

Or if you’re looking to start your own business, this guide is a perfect resource for landing clients and turning profits thanks to the featured PLR license. The course itself covers:

  • Instagram Best Practices;
  • Latest Instagram Trends;
  • Curating the Most Effective Instagram Content;
  • Instagram Hashtags & Results;
  • Best Practices for InstaStories;
  • Tips to Boost Engagement & Get Results;
  • Instagram for B2B Marketing;
  • Affiliates & Influencers on Instagram;
  • Instagram Analytics & Metrics;
  • Best Instagram Case Studies.

The content is divided into detailed and comprehensive chapters filled with insights, tips, tricks and all sorts of information that can help marketers make money on Instagram. And that is not all.

About Firelaunchers

Instagram Follower Magnet PLR is another one of Firelauncher’s exquisite and profit-turning digital products. It is an addition to a big family of high-quality tools and solutions.

I’ve reviewed many of their previous PLRs and launches, and I’ve always been genuinely impressed by the quality they provide for extremely low prices. That’s why I’m so convinced in the quality of Instagram Follower Magnet and I’m recommending it to you.

All of their launches are not just extremely fruitful training courses but also PLR solutions you can resell and profit from. And the profits are expected to be huge since the Instagram niche is exciting and sought-after.

Instagram Follower Magnet PLR Review: Features

The package is overflowing with awesome high-quality features that can make you money:

Module 1: Premium Training Guide for Instagram Marketing

The extensive guide eBook covers the topics described above. It can teach you or your clients how to gain exposure and how to enhance and optimize your brand and product for higher returns and profits. The guide is compiled by industry professionals and the quality of it is guaranteed.

Module 2: DFY Sales Page Copy

Using the PLR of the Instagram Follower Magnet course, you can gain profits as a reseller. The sales page copy is carefully-crafted by professionals with experience in writing copy that sells. Use it as the driving force of your front-end offer.

Module 3: Sales Video

Use the DFY sales video to further enhance your product offer. Videos are known to boost engagement and conversions. And this one is a great addition to the whole Instagram Follower Magnet PLR package.

Module 4: Professional Product Graphics

Create product portfolios and beautiful representations of the Instagram Follower Magnet when selling it with the professional graphics bundle. It contains the product artwork in both .PNG and .PSD formats so that you can customize them if you see fit.

Module 5: Animated Banners

Slap them on your review website or across your blog network to enhance promotional efforts. The banners are professionally designed and optimized to generate and convert traffic. With this bundle, you won’t be wasting time or money doing it yourself or hiring someone else for the job.

Module 6: DFY Email Swipes

Enjoy email templates and strings written by professionals with copy that sells. Boost your email marketing for the Instagram Follower Magnet with these emails and you will see quick and positive effects on your sells and earnings.

Module 7: DFY Sales Minisite

You will get a professional website – a thoroughly designed sales page to use for your sales funnel. The page is optimized according to the professional experience of Firelaunchers, meaning it’s been created to convert. You get a couple of templates you can switch or beta test. There are 6 sales pages with different color schemes and the same professional content.

Module 8: Legal Pages

Make your sales funnel GDPR-compliant and ensure the security and safety of your customers and potential affiliates. You receive 4 legal pages – Anti-Spam, Earning Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions. You can optimize and edit them to correspond to your own company’s policies.

Module 9: Social Media Graphics

Get a bundle of professional social media graphics – profile pics and covers optimized for top performance on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. They all come with their .PSD files so that you can edit them if you deem necessary.

Module 10: PDF Graphics

Firelaunchers provides you with a bundle of high-quality editable graphics based on the extensive training guide content you can use at will. They also come with the .PSD versions, and you’re free to edit them however you would like.

All of these elements combine perfectly in one huge PLR pack. You can learn from it and you can also launch your own sales funnel with it. Have no doubt, Instagram is the hottest topic right now. This DFY sales funnel will kill it.

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How Does Instagram Follower Magnet PLR Work?

The best thing about such packages is that can be used both as a source of information and a digital product for sale. You can both learn and resell. In other words, you will make Instagram Follower Magnet work for you. Here are some ideas what you can do with the training course and the accompanying PLR license:

  • Learn from the course and polish your skills.
  • Add it to product bundles you’ve created to add value and increase the price.
  • Use it to develop videos, podcasts, or webinars based around the content.
  • Give the course as a bonus accompanying your other funnels.
  • Base eBooks around the content of the course.
  • Use it as a lead magnet for paid subscriptions.
  • Rename and rebrand it, or completely remodel it to sell it as your own.

Instagram Follower Magnet PLR has some limitations, though. Here they are:

  • You cannot give away or resell the PLR (non-transferable), the resell rights, or the master resell rights you will receive.
  • You cannot give away for free the main eBook of the course. It must be sold for at least $7. This is a condition of Firelaunchers.

But when you can get money out of it, why give it away for free at all, right?

Instagram Follower Magnet PLR Review: Who Should Try It?

Marketers in every field or niche will benefit greatly from this PLR package. It can boost an already existing sales business or help you establish one quickly and with zero efforts when it comes to creating a product.

Is Instagram Follower Magnet PLR Worth Your Money?

The quality of the resources in the PLR pack of Instagram Follower Magnet can be 100% confirmed, you should not have doubts it has been optimized to convert. And the price Firelaunchers are charging is laughingly low. Yes, I am convinced the package is worth the small investment, especially when you have so much to gain from it. On top of all that, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee that will protect you if you’re unhappy.

Instagram Follower Magnet PLR Review: Bonuses

If you think there can’t possibly be more or if you still expect something additional, hold on to your seats because there are some awesome fast-action bonuses:

Bonus #1: Cheat Sheet

The cheat sheet is a great helping resource for eased learning. It breaks down the training process into easy and simple steps that help people master the material quickly and efficiently. Use it yourself or offer it to your customers as part of the funnel.

Bonus #2: Mind Map

This broad outline of the course helps for a better understanding of the training and simplified absorption of the contents. In a way that will stick and won’t be forgotten. Again, use it yourself or offer it to your clients.

Bonus #3: Top Resources Report

Use or sell as part of the funnel a professional YouTube Marketing Research Report. It features resources focused on all the crucial aspects of successful video marketing – tools, training courses, affiliate programs, facts, case studies, infographics, videos, and more.

Instagram Follower Magnet PLR Review: Price & Discounts

Instagram Follower Magnet launches on June 15th at 9 AM EST. The special offer price will be $7 upon the launch. Can you imagine that – $7 for this huge PLR package? It sounds incredible but it’s true. After the first couple hours of the launch end, the price will gradually rise to $9.95. Which is also a minute price give what you get in return. So don’t waste time and get ready to score this massive package for a minimum price.

Instagram Follower Magnet PLR Review: Additional Offers

You can expect 5 upsells if you purchase the product, each with its own merits:

Upsell 1: Extensive Video Training & Course with PLR ($29.95)

Module 1: 15 DFY High-Quality Training Videos
Module 2: Professional Sales Video
Module 3: Professionally Designed PPTs
Module 4: Product Graphics
Module 5: High-Converting Sale Copy for Upsells
Module 6: Upsell Minisites
Module 7: Audio Files
Module 8: Video Raw Files
Module 9: Swipe emails
Module 10: 10 Unique DFY Articles
Module 11: Complete Lead Magnet System
Sub-Module 1: Squeeze Page Index File
Sub-Module 2: Squeeze Page Copy
Sub-Module 3: Squeeze Page Graphics
Sub-Module 4: Squeeze Page Free Report
Sub-Module 5: Squeeze Page Follow-up Swipes

Upsell 2: Google My Business 2.0 with PLR ($18)

Upsell 3: Google My Business 2.0 Upgrade with PLR ($32)

Upsell 4: Firelaunchers PLR Membership ($1 for the 1st month, $27/month after)

Upsell 5: Product Installation Service ($67)

Instagram Follower Magnet PLR Review: Pros & Cons


  • Completely DFY Sales Funnel;
  • Invaluable Educational Materials;
  • Extensive & Professional Materials;
  • High-Quality Graphics & Content;
  • Top-Converting Niche;
  • Unlimited Potential Applications;
  • High-Returns Ratios;
  • Resources Optimized for Conversions;
  • Additional Massive Bonuses;
  • Constant Support.


  • The price will rise after the launch.

Instagram Follower Magnet PLR Review: Conclusion

Instagram Follower Magnet PLR is one of the biggest and most exciting training courses with PLR. You can benefit greatly from using it both for your own education in the Social Media Marketing field, and from selling it as your own. The PLR license gives you the right to resell the product as your own sales funnel. The best part? It has all been done-for-you 100%. I hope my Instagram Follower Magnet PLR Review has been useful and you were able to find what you were looking for.

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