Limiting Beliefs PLR Review

Having an online business is something many strive to achieve. The Internet is a source of limitless opportunities and profits. But not everyone can join quickly and easily due to the lack of product to offer. That’s why digital products have become so popular.

Limiting Beliefs, developed by Daniel Taylor, is one of these products that come with a full PLR license that allows you to resell the digital product. It is a ready-to-go and done-for-you sales funnel you can use in a multitude of ways.

The following Limiting Beliefs Review will encompass all the aspects of this digital product and what you can do with it to profit. Read carefully to not miss out any vital information. Be sure, it is one great way to establish your online business or expand your business portfolio.

What Is Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting Beliefs is a PLR package that focuses on the concept of… limiting beliefs. The product discusses how we perceive the world and the people around us. These beliefs can put us in frames and maim our potential.

They are usually something spun in our own minds. When we break free from them, we can significantly improve our lives in terms of happiness, health, love, and so on.

This is where this PLR comes in. The product is not just a way to create your own business but also a way to overcome your own limiting beliefs. This extensive course covers a multitude of topics:

  • How to recognize your limiting beliefs;
  • How can you transform them into empowering affirmations;
  • How can you eliminate them for good?
  • What types of limiting beliefs are there?
  • Easy steps to overcome them;
  • How to become self-aware?
  • How self-limiting beliefs affect mental, emotional, and physical health?
  • How to challenge your beliefs?

And so much more. The information contained in this course is up-to-date, authentic, and compiled by professionals. There is tons to gain from using it. Keep reading this Limiting Beliefs review to learn even more about the product.

About Daniel Taylor

Limiting Beliefs is the product of a professional, both when it comes to wellness and high-converting PLR funnels. Daniel Taylor is a well-known figure for providing lucrative PLR packages, especially in self-growth, health and wellness niche markets. He is an established professional and you can rely on the quality of his products.

Whether you’ll be using the course to improve your own life or use it as an integral part of your online business, you will be convinced the quality of the package is incredible.

Limiting Beliefs Review: Features

The Limiting Beliefs PLR package is divided into modules that contain both the core information about how to challenge your beliefs and how to sell the course to third parties:

Module 1: High-Quality eBook – the eBook covers the whole topic, taking out its essence and distilling it for you. Enjoy helpful tips, insights, knowledge, all compiled and edited by professionals.

Module 2: Complete Checklist – keep track of your or your customers’ progress with this topic. Use this summary guide to quickly and efficiently understand the more important points.

Module 3: Resource Guide – this cheat sheet provides a summarized list of all the best topical resources that can be found online, including the right forums and communities, tutorials, and websites on the topic.

Module 4: DFY Sales Materials – acquire a sales letter, legal pages, and a Thank You page for your new niche business. They come in CSS and HTML formats so that you can open up your website in a couple of minutes.

Module 5: Professional Sales Video – add this to your content and watch your sales increase by 90%. The will get not just the video itself, but also the MP3 and the transcript of the video. Add it to your social media channels to boost engagement and conversions.

Module 6: DFY High-Quality Graphics – you get .PNG, .JPG, and .PSD file formats for the promotional graphics of Limiting Beliefs so that you can launch ad campaigns quickly and make them look professional. They come along with a guide on how to best use Advertising Banners with PPC, CPA, and CPC ad campaigns.

Module 7: High-Quality Articles – boost your content strategy with high-quality written content. 10 articles are featured in the PLR package so that you can fill your website’s blog, create reports, ebooks, guides, and so on. Use them as bonus content for subscribers, send them out as Thank You gifts. The possibilities with the Limiting Beliefs PLR are in fact limitless.

Module 8: DFT Social Media Posts – get 10 DFY posters that will increase engagement with your visitors. They are beautiful, with inspiring quotes and attractive graphics. You can get the .PSD files to edit them yourself.

Module 9: DFY Professional Graphics Bundle – acquire all the product images you need to present the course to your target audience. You will get not just the .PNG and .JPG file formats, but also the .PSD files so that you can edit them to make them unique and stand out.

Module 10: License Package – acquire a full private label rights license so that you can slap your name on the product and present it as yours. You will receive, additionally, the Master Resell Rights, Resell Rights, and Personal Use rights to provide to your clients at your own accord.

How Does Limiting Beliefs Work?

They only limit to how Limiting Beliefs might work is set by your own imagination. Simply put, you will make it work according to your needs and expectations. Here are some ideas about how you can make the PLR package work for you:

  1. Use it for your own benefit – improve your life and dive deep into a very popular niche.
  2. Rebrand & resell it – make it entirely your own and unique before offering it to your clients as an entrepreneur. Keep all the profits to yourself.
  3. Use it as a Lead Magnet – attract new subscribers to your website with the promise of this unique course.
  4. Use it as a Bonus or an Upsell – if you have a funnel of your own that this course can fit industry-wise, add it as a fast-action bonus or an upsell to increase conversions.
  5. Create subsequent content – repurpose the content of the course. Record it for podcasts or on CDs, remodel it for your own eBook, and sell it on a marketplace.
  6. Create your own course – create an e-course build on the content and knowledge featured in this package.

There is no limit really. It all depends on what your entrepreneurial goals are. Don’t restrain yourself when you can profit in a multitude of ways.

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Limiting Beliefs Review: Who Should Try It?

Anyone who has an interest in this very popular niche, should check the PLR package out. Limiting Beliefs is not just a simple course. It is an extensive wellness guide that comes with tons of features and additional bonuses.

You can launch a business in the niche or expand your portfolio in a matter of hours with this package. If you’re passionate about the niche, check the package out.

Is Limiting Beliefs Worth Your Money?

There are similar courses and packages all over the web. But very few provide you with the value-added of Limiting Beliefs. And most cost ten times more than this package.

I strongly recommend giving it a thought, especially when you know you’re protected by a money-back guarantee. There’s nothing to lose and tons to gain.

Limiting Beliefs Review: Bonuses

Apart from the virtually unlimited features and potential of this package, there are thee awesome fast-action bonuses available for FREE:

  • Fast Action Bonus #1: PLR Mentor – a 26-part video course that covers step-by-step the process of creating and establishing your own PLR product package.
  • Fast Action Bonus #2: PLR Honey – a detailed and comprehensive guide on how to leverage PLR packages and how to use them to make money online.
  • Fast Action Bonus #3: Private Facebook PLR Group – become a member of an exclusive and closed Facebook society for free, led by Daniel Taylor, where you can discuss at length everything PLR.

Limiting Beliefs Review: Price & Discounts

Limiting Beliefs launches on June 13th. It will start at $7 for the whole package. The price will rise gradually. Within five days of the release, the pack will cost $17, and that price will stay fixed.

If you’re an excited early-bird, be at the ready to get your dime-sale access when the product launches. Remember, this painfully low price is… a limited time offer.

Limiting Beliefs Review: Upsells

Expect 4 additional offers and upsell you can benefit from:

OTO 1: Additional Videos PLR Bundle ($27) – 11 modules & Bonuses:

  • Module 1: Extensive Video Training
  • Module 2: Audio Training in MP3
  • Module 3: Upsell Pages
  • Module 4: Sales Video for Upsell
  • Module 5: Affiliate Pages
  • Module 6: Giveaway
  • Module 7: Squeeze Page
  • Module 8: Autoresponder Emails for 5 Days
  • Module 9: Source Graphics
  • Module 10: Featured Images
  • Module 11: Licenses
  • Bonus 1: Video Presentation
  • Bonus 2: Video Transcripts
  • Bonus 3: ABC Sales Funnels

OTO 2: PLR Newbie Course ($17):

  • 3+ hours over-the-shoulder videos and training on how to profit with PLR;
  • A training portal exclusively for the course;
  • Bonus 1: Checklist
  • Bonus 2: Mindmap
  • Bonus 3: Resource Guide

OTO 3: PLR Bundle – 3 options available with different PLR packages, each costs $57:

  • Access to 4 proven-sell PLR products (3 different options)
  • 25 modules and resources elements;
  • Huge value-added;
  • Fast Action Bonuses: 2 unique PLR packages

OTO 4: Firesale – 50 PLR products with graphics and source files ($27)

Remember that you cannot purchase these additional offers without having the front-end Limiting Beliefs package purchased.

Limiting Beliefs Review: Pros & Cons


  • Extremely Detailed;
  • Contains Invaluable Information;
  • Completely Done-For-You Sales Funnel;
  • Stunning Graphics;
  • Quality Sales Materials;
  • High-Converting Resources;
  • Completely Customizable;
  • Additional Value-Added Bonuses;
  • Full PLR Package Available.


  • A very specific niche.

Limiting Beliefs Review: Conclusion

Limiting Beliefs is a one-of-a-kind wellness package that can be used for two things. First, learn yourself, improve your own life by undertaking the course. Then, resell it for profit and keep all the money thanks to the PLR license.

Either way, I hope my Limiting Beliefs review has been informative and of help. I was able to discover incredible value in acquiring this unique DFY sales funnel. Especially given the lucrative niche it’s in. If you’re into it, definitely give this product a thought.

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