ListGrow Review

In this highly competitive world, how does it feel to slay your rival and get ahead in the race? The thought is phenomenal right. But now you have an opportunity to convert this thought into a real feeling.

ListGrow is a 100% DFY source package and software bundle to generate leads and traffic. It is all set to not just double but triple your sales. ListGrow has got the best techniques to benefit your organization with the miraculous world of the Internet.

About The Creator

The man behind this amazing app is Ifiok NK. He was a medical doctor but found his passion in the digital world. After he went through a shift from his medical career, he landed into a tech foundation called Snapilabs founded by him only. He built many SaaS, and successfully launched and administered them as well.

What is ListGrow?

Now, you may ponder the application and usage of ListGrow. So let me tell you ListGrow is an all-new app, which enables you to generate lead funnels in no time. And not only this but it helps you grow your list with 100% free viral traffic.

ListGrow Review: What Is It About?

You must be aware of the size of the market which is out there in the virtual world. For any entrepreneur, it is most important to have a regular lead generation system. In this process, one thing which is majorly important is to generate lead funnels.

If you want to grow your business online, the best way is to generate lead funnels and bring traffic to your website, earlier it was not an easy task. But now with ListGrow, it’s just a matter of few licks.

This software generates leads with the help of 100 designed for you funnels which will not only generate leads for you but will also drive traffic to your site.

How Does ListGrow Work?

The ListGrow bundle consists of 100 designed for you lead generation funnels, out of which you can choose the best option for your business to drive traffic and generate sales for your business.

Once you purchase the software or the app, you will be getting designed for your magnets, landing pages, thank you pages, free hostings, free automation through social media, designed facebook adds for paid traffics and email swipe for solo apps. All of these systems will help you land traffic and leads to your website, which will help you in growing your business.

ListGrow Review: Who Should Try It?

This software is recommendable to all the entrepreneurs if they want to market their product online. It is a great opportunity to earn success in very little time.

With this software, you will be able to generate lead funnels within 60 seconds. And then these lead funnels will generate proper leads and fill your emails. All the E-commerce website owners and the growing ones should definitely use it.

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Is ListGrow Worth Your Money?

A software that is usable for a major time period, and requires a little investment is worth everyone’s money. After paying a little amount of $37 dollars you will be getting a chance to generate sales worth an appreciable amount, and that too quickly and for a long time period.

ListGrow Review: Bonuses

There are many bonuses ListGrow comes with, let’s see them one by one.

  • DFY Lead Magnets: Here you get 100+ lead magnets, along with videos, plugins and Saas platforms.
  • Auto Generated Squeeze Pages & Thankyou Pages: This software automatically generates squeeze pages and thank you pages for each of your campaign.
  • Easy Integration with your marketing apps: Within a click, you will be able to connect your leads with your marketing CRM, and increase your lists.
  • Siphon Free Traffic: You will be getting free inbuilt images which are easy to share on social media. And this will help you grow traffic on your site.
  • DFY Facebook ads Creative for Paid Traffic: You will be getting an ads creator app. Which will create effective ads as per your funnel and generate paid traffic to your website?
  • DFY Email swipes for solo ads: We had pro copywriters who have written effective content for email swipes. These email swipes are highly convertible and engrossing.

ListGrow Review: Price & Discounts

The pricing of this product is absolutely low and frugal. In just $37 you will be able to market your product for a recognizable time and earn a greater profit out of it.

It is the perfect investment to have greater results in the near future. Though the reason for offering such a low price is that ListGrow understands the struggle an entrepreneur has to go through while doing online marketing, and so to reduce that effort ListGrow has the launch offer of just $37. It may not last long so go grab it faster.

ListGrow Review: Additional Offers Upsells

ListGrow has some brilliant offers for you. We have introduced 5 upsells which will not just change the game but will also enhance your play. Let’s go through them one by one:

  • Lead Magnet Club+ Unlock Pro feature

In this offer, you will be receiving 4 lead magnets per month amounting to 52 in total in a year. And along with them, you will be receiving squeeze pages, Facebook ads, emails, and thank you pages also.

The pro feature provides you an optin link. This link will set your leads on an automatic mode where just a click will land leads to your page. This offer is just for $97 yearly.

  • Hijackr

Under this offer, you will be able to uncover the viral content trending on the web. It also allows you to hijack them legally so that you can attach your optin link and share it on social media. It will help you grow your email list through the selection and organization of content. This offer is just for $97.

  • 500+ DFY Email kit & copywriting app bonus

Having leads is not enough to grow sales, you would require highly engaging content which is foolproof and free from copyright.

This offer has 500 DFY email swipes which are absolutely usable and interesting, it could be employed for a number of niches. And this offer is also for just $97. In this offer, you will be getting a bonus of copyright software.

  • FB Messenger Bot Builder

This is a messenger bot builder software. It helps you to build your messenger list and creates a platform to grow your business over there as well. FB messenger is the highest used platform with an open rate of 90%. This offer is just for $67. And the bonus you can get with this offer is Facebook Marketing Bundle, and Facebook Marketing and ads academy.

  • Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

Now this is something really interesting, it allows you to have monetary benefits of your email list. On a commission basis, you will be able to promote other’s products. This is a 4-week boot camp which allows you to earn maximum profits. It is really helpful for trainees. The bonus you will be getting with this offer is 7 DFY Affiliate Marketing Campaigns. This would help students to earn and learn a lot.

ListGrow Review: Pros & Cons


  1. ListGrow is a quick and easy method to bring a large number of leads.
  2. It is absolutely economical and very profitable.
  3. ListGrow is a tested product, which gives guaranteed results.
  4. An excellent team of customer support, so that you would never face any complications.
  5. 100% free viral traffic, that too on just 50% commission. This will generate side income as well for your business.


  • It does not guarantee sales, but do assure genuine leads. Which needs to be converted with a careful procedure.
  • It is the first step in the way to your success. You will require a little extra effort to convert them.
  • There are many other products which are similar in nature but do not provide enough features as ListGrow to do.

ListGrow Review: Conclusion

In the end, one could easily understand that ListGrow, is a revolutionary software which allows you to generate leads and attract traffic to your website. It is 100% DFY and you don’t have to lift a finger to start generating traffic that converts into sales.

I hope my ListGrow Review has been useful. This app is a one-stop solution as it satisfies the need to market your product on a large scale and its multiple features are extremely beneficial for you to convert your leads.

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