Mind & Memory Mastery PLR Review

What Is Mind & Memory Mastery PLR?

Mind & Memory Mastery PLR hides a lot of promise since it is based on a very popular niche – self-help and improvement. And who doesn’t want to feel better about themselves? It is focused on understanding memory and boosting it.

If you discover your target audience in the premise of this digital product, keep reading to learn more about what it contains for your and your potential customers both.

Learn More About Mind and Memory Mastery PLR

Mind & Memory Mastery PLR is a new whole PLR package from the well-known Firelaunchers that cuts the time for profit significantly. It is one of those products you can purchase once and use their limitless profit potential for an unlimited amount of time without additional fees or taxes.

Why? Because you won’t really have to do anything to start selling a great product in a very popular niche. My Mind & Memory Mastery PLR Review explores why this is one awesome self-help product you can easily pitch to your audience. If you’re looking for a product to expand your product portfolio or you’re just starting out and want to launch with a super-cool and profit-turning digital offer, then keep reading!

About The Creators

We’ve discussed Firelaunchers many a time, and there’s nothing much to add. They keep releasing awesome PLR packages, and if you’ve come across any of them before, you already know how value-packed all of their offers are. This one touches on an extremely popular niche, that’s why I was so eager to introduce it to you in my Mind & Memory Mastery PLR Review.

Mind & Memory Mastery PLR Review: Features

Mind & Memory Mastery PLR is a self-help course that your clients will love. The course covers the following topics:

  • Learning the In-and-Out about Memory
  • Different Types & Working of Memory
  • Reasons for Memory Fading
  • Impact of Alcohol & Drugs on Memory
  • Tools and Techniques to Build a Healthy Memory
  • Fighting Off Memory Loss
  • Essential Oils to Help People Living with Dementia
  • Exercises to Strengthen Your Brain
  • Different Brain Foods to Boost Memory Naturally
  • Advanced Techniques to Improve Memory
  • Learn the Common Myths about Memory
  • Tips to Hack Your Mind & Brain

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Except for learning from this detailed course, you get a PLR license that gives you a whole multitude of opportunities. Here’s what the PLR part of the Mind & Memory Mastery PLR package has in store for you:

  • Mind & Memory Mastery Premier Guide – this is a 120+-page eBook you can use to your imagination’s limits.
  • Converting Sales Page Copy – the Firelaunchers copywriters have crafted for you a sales page that has been proven to convert.
  • Sales Demo Video – a DFY sales video to put on your website or landing page, to decrease the bounce rate and boost conversions.
  • Professionally Designed Product Graphics – make great use of the professional product graphics. They come with the editable Photoshop files for your benefit.
  • Animated Banners – add professional banners to your website or blog to direct people to your offer and attract them with animations. They also come with the PSD file formats.
  • Social Media Graphics – along with the PSD files you can customize, you can use those to boost exposure and traffic for the Mind & Memory Mastery offer from social media.
  • PDF Graphics – make the most out of the graphics featured in the PDF guide. All elements come with editable Photoshop files.
  • Professional Email Templates – use these professionally written follow up emails to pursue leads and convert potential customers and subscribers. Just add your name, link to the offer, and subject, and it’s ready to be sent.
  • Professional Minisites – save tons of time and make use of the 100% DFY sales pages instead of scrambling with templates that don’t work and wasting time and money for developers.
  • Legal Pages – so that you can launch within minutes of getting your offer up.
  • 10 Unique Articles – a bundle of educational articles you can publish online on the following topics:
    • Excessive Sitting Can Shrink the Part of Your Brain Tied to Memory
    • Can a Little Bit of Anxiety Improve your Memory?
    • How far Back can Humans Remember?
    • Memories in an Afterlife
    • Do Women Remember more than Men?
    • Artificial Intelligence Could Help Catch Alzheimer’s Early
    • Can Young Blood Improve Old Brains?
    • Being Too Slim at Midlife May Boost Dementia Risk
    • Why Can’t People Remember being a Baby?
    • What are False Memories and How are They Formed?

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How Does Mind & Memory Mastery PLR Work?

There’s a multitude of things you can do using this PLR package. It is a 100% DFY sales funnel you can launch quickly and easily, and here are some ideas on how to turn profits and benefit from it:

  1. Brand it as your own and sell it, keeping 100% of the profits;
  2. Add it to a bundle with other complementary products;
  3. Add it as a bonus to an offer you’ve already launched;
  4. Add it as an upsell to one of your existing offers;
  5. Create eBook or physical products like DVDs and CDs;
  6. Use the content for your blogs, websites and landing pages;
  7. Translate it to profit outside English-speaking markets;
  8. Use it as a lead magnet, an email course, as an incentive as a paid membership.

There’s very little you can’t actually do with this product. You can even claim it to be your own. What you can do is transfer or resell the PLR rights and materials, and the main course – the eBook needs to be sold for at least $7.

Mind & Memory Mastery PLR Review: Who Should Try It?

If you’re looking for ways to expand your portfolio, the self-help and self-improvement niche markets are a great addition. They are extremely hot right now and more and more people look for resources in that field. This is also a great resource package if you’re just starting out as an online entrepreneur and you’re looking for quality products to offer.

Is Mind & Memory Mastery PLR Worth Your Money?

Mind & Memory Mastery PLR is a 100% DFY package, meaning you won’t have to lift a finger to create a wholesome product for a hot and trending niche. All of the materials in the PLR package have been created by professional copywriters and designers to give you a flying start. You can even claim it as your own and brand it before selling it.

However you use it, you will be keeping 100% of the profits you generate with it. This is reason enough to confirm it is totally worth your investment.

Mind & Memory Mastery PLR Review: Bonuses

There are three bonuses you get for FREE to offer up to your customers and target audience as an additional incentive to purchase your Mind & Memory Mastery digital course:

  • Bonus #1: Cheat Sheet – to help them go through the course with ease and for more efficient results.
  • Bonus #2: Mind Map – to be able to grasp the full picture and the broad outline of the training program for better comprehension.
  • Bonus #3: Top Resources Report – an additional report for you and your customers with the top tools, videos, training, communities and additional resources on Depression and the state of mind.

Mind & Memory Mastery PLR Review: Price & Discounts

Mind & Memory Mastery PLR launches on July 16th at 9 AM EST and will cost… the staggering $7. The price is expected to rise to $10 towards the end of the promotional period, but this is still an incredibly low price for everything you can get. So stay tuned and grab your PLR package while it’s hot!

Mind & Memory Mastery PLR Review: Additional Offers

There are 5 official upsells you will be presented with:

  • OTO1: Mind & Memory Mastery PLR Upsell for $29.95 – a great video training on the same topic you can offer as a video course on multiple platforms. It contains 16 videos and a full package of PLR materials, including PowerPoint presentations, audio files, and a complete lead magnet system, and more.
  • OTO2: Personality Development Wisdom with PLR for $9.95 – another great PLR package in the same hot and trending niche to attract even more clients.
  • OTO3: Personality Development Wisdom with PLR Upsell for $30.29 – a video upgrade of the previous upsell for you to be able to publish and sell across video course platforms, as well.
  • OTO4: Health PLR Membership for $1 for the first month, and $27/month afterward – a community membership that grants you access to the latest PLR products in the Health & Wellness niche so that you’re the first who gets to the offers to resell them.
  • OTO5: Product Installation Services for $67

All of these additional offers are accessible only if you get the core product and are not mandatory. They are just additional opportunities for you to profit from thanks to the PLR license.

Mind & Memory Mastery PLR Review: Pros & Cons


  • 100% Done-For-You Sales Funnel;
  • Professional Graphics & Sales Copy;
  • Hot & Trending Niche;
  • Fully Integrated & Ready-to-Sell;
  • Cuts on Production Costs;
  • Reduces Time-to-Profits Span;
  • Generates Tons of Traffic on Complete Auto-Pilot;
  • One Set Up, Unlimited Profit Potential;
  • Customize, Rebrand & Resell;
  • Keep 100% of the Profits;
  • Constant Support;
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


  • None identified.

Mind & Memory Mastery PLR Review: Conclusion

Mind & Memory Mastery PLR is a superb and professionally developed DFY sales funnel in a very hot niche – self-help and personal development. It can get you ready to launch and sell within hours. No knowledge of the industry, no actual work is required on your part as all of the materials are 100% Done-For-You.

I hope my Mind & Memory Mastery PLR Review has been able to convey the huge profit potential of this digital course, and you’re ready to explode the results of your product portfolio with it!

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