MobiFirst Review

Mobile devices have become the preferred way to browse the web. Statistics show that around 80% of Internet usage happens through mobile devices. That’s why it’s become crucial for businesses to optimize their websites for mobile devices. If you have an online presence, but your website or blog or e-commerce store has not been optimized for mobile, it is most like users will not like their experience and will bounce.

This is where the website builder MobiFirst comes in and why I’ve compiled this review. On July 1st, Google will finally transition to the so-called mobile-first indexing. Meaning, it will index and rank pages according to their mobile optimization. This change in indexing has been made necessary due to the primarily mobile users of Google services. If your pages and websites are not optimized for mobile, they will continuously rank lower and lower in Google Search results.

I’ve analyzed what the present website builder and summarized my results in this MobiFirst Review so that you can understand how it can aid you in staying ahead of mobile-first indexing and rank high after July 1st.

MobiFirst Review: Who Needs The Website Builder?

Everyone, every business, every entrepreneur who has a website and uses it to generate traffic from Google, is going to need such a tool like this website builder when July comes. It ensures optimized for mobile performance and top load site speeds. With this type of website builder, you will be prepared for when the changes in indexing rules come and will still rank high in the results. Maybe even higher than your competition if they’ve failed to optimize their websites.

What Is MobiFirst?

MobiFirst is expected to be one of the revolutions in today’s software solutions for businesses. This is a website builder that has been created according to Google’s new approach to indexing. This where the name comes from, too. The site builder applies mobile-first technology that’s made it suitable to build and optimize for top speed websites. This is a user-friendly, intuitive, and simple site designer. It is among the first to offer building capabilities for mobile devices first.

Of course, with MobiFirst, you can create your website for all platforms – mobile, tablet, and desktop. But the main advantage is the fact that you’ll start from mobile, optimizing for top mobile performance. The rest of this MobiFirst Review will provide you with more insights and info about the advantages and perks of using this builder for your website.

Todd Gross & the Builder’s Team

Todd Gross is a well-known figure in the world of digital products and cloud-based software solutions. He’s been active in the industry for more than 10 years and is one of the faces behind the MobiFirts release.

He’s here to present us with Scotty Carter and Silvio Porcellana’s site builder. They are respectively the CEO and developer of MobiFirst, with their own respective years-long experience in both sales and software development.

With such a star team behind this site builder, I needed little convincing in the quality of their product. They run legitimate operations that have always been established with the users and clients in mind.

MobiFirst Review: Features & Capabilities

This is one extraordinary site-builder, packed with dozens of features that will blow your mind with what it’s capable of. If you start building your websites with it, you will a huge amount of perks.

  • Build websites optimized for mobile and speed;
  • Improve load times for an unlimited number of websites;
  • Use pre-made templates or create your own from scratch;
  • Completely customize the pre-made templates to fit your need;
  • Use content widgets to create the pages you want;
  • Use a blog widget to set up your website’s blog;
  • Clone websites, pages, and part of pages to compare the differences and choose the best;
  • Use 1 editing preview dashboard for all platforms.

The website comes not just with a multitude of capabilities, but with a whole bunch of additional features:

  • Ability to determine what content shows across the different devices;
  • E-Commerce capabilities with no Product or Bandwidth limit;
  • E-Commerce widget can be integrated with PayPal and Stripe;
  • Style Section, to completely remodel your website and pages;
  • 70+ available themes from different niches, 100% customizable;
  • 20 content widgets for you to select from and use;
  • Full SEO capabilities for every page, including META SEO and Open Graph;
  • Regular updates and support;
  • Multiple languages, including English, French, Italian, German, and more to come.

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How Does MobiFirst Work?

The MobiFirst website builder has been optimized for simplicity and ease-of-use. Once you purchase access to the cloud-based software and its capabilities, you can access the building dashboard. From there, the whole process is extremely intuitive:

1. Select “Create New Site”;
2. Choose a template to use or create your own;
3. Preview the selected template;
4. Fully customize.

Is MobiFirst Worth Your Money?

To create a website optimized for mobile devices first will spare you tons of troubles, headaches, and the disappointment of being ranked lower in the results. In that sense, I think a tool like MobiFirst is invaluable for website creation once July comes. Keep in mind that the only way to rank higher on Google Search results is to be appealing to Google and its rules. And being mobile-friendly is a must at this point.

MobiFirst Review: Bonuses

In addition to the numerous features and capabilities, there are tons of other additional bonus features you can use when customizing your website:

  • Different Backgrounds for Desktop & Mobile;
  • HTTPS Capabilities;
  • DDOS Protection;
  • In-Depth Training Videos;
  • Social Media Links feature;
  • Call to Action Buttons for Mobile & Desktop;
  • Built-in Autoresponder;
  • Analytics integration, including Facebook Pixel;
  • Built-in Pixabay image library;
  • Video Backgrounds;
  • Video Placement Holders;
  • Password Protection for your websites;
  • Create Sales & Landing pages, as well.

MobiFirst Review: Upsells & Additional Offers

You can expect 2 additional offers completing your core purchase, all adding some more value to your experience and the capabilities of the website builder. Everything for a more professional experience, with more templates, more niche-specific widgets, and more training:

  • OTO1: Designers Template Club ($67 One-time or $12/MO for 1 Year)
  • OTO2: Local Marketing Add-On Pack ($47 One-Time)
  • OTO3: Advanced University Training ($67 One-Time)

MobiFirst Review: Price & Discounts

During the launch, you can get this 100% cloud-based site-builder at promotional prices for the two types of licenses. The prices are expected to gradually rise after the early-bird promotion. The main advantage of the commercial license is that it allows you to create websites for third parties with MobiFirst and sell them for profit.

MobiFirst Review: Pros & Cons


  • Mobile-First technology approach;
  • Site speed optimization;
  • Mobile-device optimization;
  • 100% Cloud-based site builder;
  • Easy-to-use and simple to navigate;
  • Fully Customizable;
  • Can display device-specific content;
  • One unified dashboard;
  • Dozens of Done-For-You templates;
  • Dozens of content-specific widgets;
  • Unlimited websites & unlimited pages;
  • Unlimited hosting;
  • Constant updates, improvements & unlimited support.


  • None that I know of so far.

MobiFirst Review: Conclusion

MobiFirst is a next-generation site-building platform that will change how websites are made. Now that Google will prioritize sites and pages optimized for mobile devices, such a tool will be invaluable for every business that relies on traffic from Google Search results.

I hope that my MobiFirst Review has been eye-opening and useful to you, I’ve tried to keep an open mind and give unbiased opinions on its capabilities and features. In conclusion, I can say that this is one of the best and most competitive site builders I’ve come across, and it will be a great addition to your tool belt.

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