MyTrafficJacker Pro Review

Imagine going through a website that doesn’t look all that genuine, you become restless as your instinct tells you it’s probably a scam of some sort. Then you later realize it has a backlink to Wikipedia. Within a split second, your intuition about such site changes. Just like that, like a magic potion was used on you, you suddenly feel very comfortable going through the site again. That’s the power that comes with the authenticity of a website.

I’m about to introduce to you, something that can give you such power. Read on, with an open mind.

The MyTrafficJacker Pro Review emphasizes all the great benefits that come with using this spectacular tool. So get your mind ready for the wonderful things we have in store for you.

About The Creator

The app’s creator is Joshua Zamora. A well-known developer and marketer, who has in the past developed a number of solutions to help with traffic search and conversions. His innovations have helped countless numbers of people and with this brand new app, there’s no doubt countless more will have to acknowledge him.

Given his type of reputation in the Internet marketing community, it is more of a guarantee you get your money’s worth. Expect nothing short of remarkable results when you use any of his products.

What Is MyTrafficJacker Pro?

MyTrafficJacker Pro is a new web-app which gives you the ability to ‘hijack’ expired domain names, this, in turn, allows you take advantage of their high traffic source which you can redirect to where you please. It finds previously used domains that have backlinks to either Wikipedia or YouTube (or both) and legally allows you to purchase these domains for yourself. As a business person, always in search of traffic for your product/service, imagine what good this will be for you.

As a total newcomer to the ecommerce space, you can solidify your authority in whatever niche you find yourself. Even without any prior experience and with little technical skill, because the app is user-friendly.

MyTrafficJacker Pro is the driving force behind the power I just told you about earlier. It is a software that helps you search for and find expired domains that have been featured on two of the most authority-driven sources of information on the Internet today, Wikipedia and YouTube. The endless possibilities you can capitalize on using this cannot be overemphasized.

Now, you might think it’s totally wrong to do something like that right? I’d have you know it’s totally legal, which means you have nothing to worry about. Owning these types of domains gives you the chance to strategically place your business in a position to make heavy profits.

Obtaining backlinks from legitimate and highly respected sources is something even the most popular blogs and websites find hard to achieve. Now you have a chance to get just that with no more than just a few bucks. And you get the backing from the best of the best; Wikipedia and YouTube.

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MyTrafficJacker Pro Review: Strategies

One good thing about this web app is the limitless features it seems to have. It allows you to utilize it in so many ways, all which ensure you make money and/or incur your business’ growth. Here are some of the ways you can put the MyTrafficJacker Pro to work for you.

1. Direct-Link Affiliate Marketing

This is probably one of the most effective weapons any affiliate marketer would want in their arsenal. This app would make it so much easier for all marketers sourcing for traffic on the web.

With the MyTrafficJacker Pro, a marketer can purchase numerous popular domains that were once in use, then redirect the heavy traffic from them towards the product or service they market. No hassle whatsoever. You can even decide to use a rotating link. That way you can find the best conversions after driving traffic to multiple offers.

2. Direct-link Product Marketing

If you have products that you sell personally, this app can also be a very powerful tool for your business. You can use MyTrafficJacker Pro to find domains within your niche and purchase these domains. With that out of the way, you have an authoritative advantage that you can capitalize on. You will simply drive the traffic from such domains to your personal web page. Before you know it, sales are bound to come in

Just imagine a domain from a big competitor of yours was left without renewal and you get ahold of it. You have the chance to convert all their customers to yours without any fuss

3. Massive List-Building Profits

While using the MyTrafficJacker Pro, you can simultaneously build a massive email list of your own. With the purchase of any popular domain for yourself, you can always decide to redirect the hundreds, possibly thousands, of traffic to a landing page of yours. Here, you can acquire the emails of these soon-to-be new customers and use them as another means by which you can market your product/services too.

4. Passive Adsense Profits

Another way which you can use the app to generate revenue for yourself is through AdSense. With the traffic you generate from the domains, you can send to AdSense revenue sites which will serve as another money making source for you. All you need to do is set it up and let it run on autopilot.

5. Simple Domain Flipping

If you have no interest in using the domains you get from MyTrafficJacker Pro, then this will be the right option for you. A lot of marketing agencies know the importance of having sites with backlinks to Wikipedia or YouTube. They also know how much of an asset having a webpage that has consistent click-through traffic is. They will pay handsomely for these.

Because a lot of the domains you will be hijacking will hold a lot of authority, the authority which many agencies would kill for. These domains might also contain quality content as they will be aged. With the use of the app, you have in your hands the resource a lot of marketing agencies will pay good money for. So you can just list the domains in your possession on flipping sites and cash in for yourself.

6. Build a Powerhouse Private Blog Network

This is something of great value. With numerous domains that have active links to sources such as Wikipedia all linked together, you can generate a blog network of high rankings on search engines. You would be living the dream of every marketer and blogger.

Within any niche, utilizing this strategy with the help of MyTrafficJacker Pro at your disposal, you’ll be a force to reckon with in the marketing sphere. With just a handful of active backlinks to Wikipedia, you will definitely rank on the first page on Google, if not the first position.

7. Buy-and-Rent your Private Blog Network

With the type of strategy explained above, you can capitalize on it and rent out such a network for a huge cash turnaround. A lot of individuals, as well as organizations, will be more than willing to pay you for its use. Due to the authority, your private blog network would have amassed, you can demand a monthly payment for the use of your network.

8. Resell the Domain Back to the original owner

In business, anything goes, as long as it isn’t illegal. If an organization forgets to renew their domain name and you luckily get the chance to purchase it, you can offer to sell it back to them if you want to. Because they know how important it is to them, they will most likely be willing to buy it back. Especially if there are still active backlinks to major authorities like Wikipedia.

Although rare, it still happens where entities forget to renew their payments and loose such domains. With this app, you can capitalize on such an occurrence.

9. Authority Redirect Rankings

This is yet another benefit of using the MyTrafficJacker Pro features. With a domain at your disposal, you can redirect traffic to any YouTube video it currently has a backlink to. Chances are, the video is still raking in traffic on a constant basis. Just make sure the video is in correlation with the niche you’re involved with.

Such an easy way to attain traffic for your business which will increase your ranking, increase your online footprint and amount some sales to take your business to a higher level.

10. Rank your eCom site or Amazon Store Listing

For all those who are heavily invested in the e-commerce business, you have probably already thought of this. Linking these domains with active backlinks from Wikipedia and YouTube to your eCommerce website gives the legitimacy you have always dreamed about.

Nobody would doubt your authenticity and you can be sure to increase the amount of traffic to your site by a great deal. Sales will come pouring in until you’re probably making a ROI way more than you bargained for. Isn’t that something you would want?

MyTrafficJacker Pro Review: Features

Let’s take a look at what features you can exploit using the web-app in order to deploy the strategies which will most benefit your business model.

How Does MyTrafficJacker Pro Work?

Once you purchase and sign up to MyTrafficJacker Pro, you are redirected to a dashboard which will serve as your very own control room. It is easy to navigate through with its user-friendly platform. Another good thing about the tool is, it’s cloud-based. Which means no installation is needed.

The only thing you would need to worry about is coming up with the appropriate keywords related to your niche to help with your search. Below is a link to a video of the demo of the app. Watch it, to see how easy it will be for you to use the MyTrafficJacker Pro.

MyTrafficJacker Pro Review: Who Should Try It?

If you’ve read this far, you probably know if this tool will be a great help with your business model or not. Any and all individuals or organization would in one way or another benefit from its use, but this app is recommended mainly for:

  • eCom owners who want more exposure and increased sales;
  • Affiliate marketers in need of a more effective way to generate traffic;
  • Content marketers who aim to monetize their work through AdSense;
  • Website owners in need of more exposure and improved ranking;
  • Virtually anyone who wants to have an authority website that will stand well with Google.

Is MyTrafficJacker Pro Worth Your Money?

Being able to rank high on Google, especially on the first page, is almost seen as a superpower. Only a few people who know the secret can achieve this and it usually takes a lot of time. Because of how useful high rankings can be in the exposure of a business and its overall success, finding a tool that helps with this in the shortest time possible would be an invaluable thing.

This application helps you associate your business with not just one, but two of the most popular and sought after sources of information on the Internet. It gives even a totally new business the authentication and authority of an aged empire. It provides to you within days what others have spent years to acquire. If anything, it should be labeled one of the most valuable resources available to any online business.

MyTrafficJacker Pro is a tool that is more than just worth it. It helps you shorten your learning curve as well as provides you with one of the easiest ways to grow your business. It is worth every single dime in my opinion.

MyTrafficJacker Pro Review: Bonuses

Because he cares so much, the creator of the app has made some extra juicy bonuses available to you – his esteemed customer. Below are some of the extra tit-bits you get to enjoy from the MyTrafficJacker Pro app. All the above mentioned, is what you will enjoy in addition to the features of the app.

MyTrafficJacker Pro Review: Price & Discounts

The price for using this application is a reoccurring monthly fee of $97. Right now, there’s a promo going on and with it, you get the chance to purchase this tool at a whopping one-time payment of $48.46. Now that’s a jaw-dropping discount you won’t want to pass on. You have to know, the price will go up after the active promotion ends. You are advised to take advantage of this while you still can.

MyTrafficJacker Pro Review: Additional Offers

In case you’re someone who would be interested in upsells and additional offers (asides the bonuses offered), you would like this section of the review.

OTO1 – MTJ Case Studies Your, $27:

  • This offers you access to multiple case studies, where you can study how MTJ Pro is used to find and purchase domains for your business. You have the opportunity to watch how businesses are being monetized from campaigns using the domains found on YouTube and Wikipedia.

OTO2 – MTJ Elite, $47/QT:

  • This offer lets you unlock two powerful features within the MTJ Pro. These are the Ocean Search feature and the Domain Reminder feature. The former allows you, with one-click, find every video attached to a particular domain you have procured.
  • The second feature lets you find domains that are “dead” but haven’t expired yet. It also monitors such domains and makes known to you when they are available. That way, you don’t miss out on purchasing them quickly.

OTO 3 – MTJ + SyndLab + SyndBuddy, $47:

  • You can also purchase the SyndLab + SyndBuddy function, which allows you to rapidly boost your newly acquired domain with social sharing and other social capabilities.

OTO 4 – MTJ SubJackers, $67:

  • This upsell encourages the use of MTJ Pro by you, the original user, as well as subordinates. This works well when there are, for example, virtual assistants who would be responsible for sourcing for domains.
  • This allows for such assistants to have access to the application without the main owner having worries of compromise of his main account.

Note: All these upsells are only available after purchase of the MyTrafficJacker Pro suite.

MyTrafficJacker Pro Review: Pros & Cons


  • Legally hijack traffic and authority from Wikipedia;
  • Legally hijack traffic and authority from YouTube;
  • Redirect that traffic to any offer you’d like immediately;
  • Direct-link and earn affiliate commissions in 24 hours;
  • Fast, easy and proven method;
  • You don’t have to do any SEO if you don’t want to;
  • Works without you having to make your own or rank any videos;
  • Works without you having to create your own website;
  • You don’t have to pay a dime for paid advertising & traffic;
  • Without even a hosting account!


  • Buying the app doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay for the domains.
  • You will need to formulate a strategy for the use of the application that runs smoothly with your business model.

MyTrafficJacker Pro Review: Conclusion

If ranking high on Google’s search engine has always been a major problem for you, then MyTrafficJacker Pro is your way out of that ditch. If you want more exposure for your business and want more traffic and sales, it is highly recommended that you invest in this tool.

Even if it didn’t come with a money back guarantee offer, MyTrafficJacker Pro would be a good bargain. Any marketer who sets their sight on such a marvelous tool won’t think twice before making a purchase. Don’t lose out on such an amazing offer!

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