PixConverter Review

What Is PixConverter?

PixConverter is a one-click software that maximizes the benefits of hovering ad technology. What does this mean?

Over the years, the ads you see on websites and blogs have evolved. They now feature graphics interchange formats (GIFs) and videos, to name a few. But more often than not, they appear only on certain sections of the screen. Worse, you can find them in areas where they are less visible.

In some cases, the customers may be running an ad blocker on their browser or their desktop, which means they will never be able to see or view your ad.

What PixConverter does is to bypass these barriers. When they hover their mouse on the product, they can immediately see your ad graphic along with its call to action such as an opt-in form or a buy button. In other words, you’re making your images work hard so you don’t miss any opportunity for conversion.

More About PixConverter

As globalization grows and more people rely on the Internet for shopping, e-commerce will continue to expand in significant proportions. That’s good news for you.

The bad news is competition is getting tougher. Customers are also getting wiser, including quickly spotting ads and avoiding them as much as possible. That can be a problem as a digital marketer or entrepreneur. You will lose your upper hand over your competition.

What if the solution to beat the competitors is already available to you? What if you can use existing digital assets from various sources such as Flickr and magnify their benefits to your business by allowing you to convert customers fast and with the least effort on your part?

Fortunately, there’s already a technology available to let you do these things, and more. It’s called PixConverter. To give you more ideas about the software, how it works, and its list of benefits, read this PixConverter review.

About the Creator

Sam Kazan is the known developer or creator of PixConverter. The creators are also Internet marketers who have a pretty good idea of how to turn bad situations into advantages when it comes to online ads.

Their knowledge and expertise in the field, especially in e-commerce, allows them to create software that suits their target market’s needs and preferences. The platform itself is just as essential as the people behind it. In fact, it can be a reflection of the creators.

So far, other reviews judged PixConverter to be simple but robust and effective. Therefore, I think there’s some weight to the claim that this solution will bring a positive change for marketers.

PixConverter Review: Capabilities

To put it simply, PixConverter helps you maximize the existing digital assets such as images. People learn through reading, but they tend to improve their learning absorption more with visuals. This is because the eyes and the brain process more images than previously thought.

By adding graphics right on your images, you can also immediately capture the attention of your leads or customers. They don’t have to scroll down if they want to buy more or subscribe to the mailing list. It also allows your ads to appear even if the users have ad blockers in their system.

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How Does PixConverter Work?

There are only a few steps on how to use PixConverter:

  1. Log in to your premium account and choose images that best match the keyword. The association between the words and the images will help your ad’s capability to convert increase significantly.
  2. Edit the images. Once you’ve selected your images, you can then tinker with them. The software has a built-in drag-and-drop editor, so it’s very easy for you to create impactful graphics for your site or store. You don’t even have to be a whiz in digital manipulation to succeed in this.
  3. Choose your call to action. What do you want the images to do? Would you like them to encourage subscription to the mailing list or buy the product? Should it invite the user to click on the image for more descriptions?
  4. Publish the image. After editing the image and adding your call to action, you’re ready to publish your money-making ad on your e-commerce site or blog.

PixConverter Review: Who Should Try It?

This is ideal for the following people:

  • Digital marketers, including advertisers – The ultimate goal of marketing is conversion. PixConverter helps you achieve that by bypassing the different forms of ad blockers the customers might have installed in their browsers or computers thanks to its non-pushy approach.
  • Entrepreneurs, especially startups – When you’re new in the business, especially in e-commerce, you are operating on a shoestring budget. PixConverter is an easy-to-learn tool. It may mean you don’t have to hire a professional website designer or WordPress developer to create your own ads.
  • Non-Techie Newbies – PixConverter may sound sophisticated, but the actual process of using it doesn’t give you any steep learning curve. In a few minutes, you can already learn the basics.
  • People Who Want to Earn More Money – If you’re convinced of the effectiveness of PixConverter, you can share the good news with others. Even better, you can earn money by being an affiliate marketer or reselling it.

Is PixConverter Worth Your Money?

Paying less than $20 for a one-click software that has thousands worth of freebies or add-ons is already a big bang for the buck, but that’s not what makes this worth every penny.

It’s the problem it tries to solve and the way it hopes to achieve it. It makes digital marketing life so much easier, especially to those who are new in the field or don’t have enough money to hire professionals to handle their advertising.

In fact, based on people’s experiences, the platform, when used effectively, can help you generate thousands for your clicks. It’s also generous, allowing you to earn more on the side by becoming a reseller.

PixConverter Review: Price & Discounts

The website doesn’t offer discounts, but the price is affordable. It costs only $17 (as of June 2019). You can pay using your credit card or PayPal, and you have 45 days to return the product and get a refund (although this is subject to the approval of the vendor).

The price will increase after the launch hours on June 15th, until reaching $23. So stay tuned between 11 AM and 3 PM EST on June 15th to grab an early-bird discounted access!

PixConverter Review: Bonuses

With your small investment, you can already get the following:

  • Full-fledged online photo editor, which costs over $350
  • Built-in image curator, which costs $197
  • Image hover technology, which costs $297
  • Autoresponder integration, which costs $97
  • DFY templates, which costs $397

That’s more than $1,500 worth of freebies for a price of less than $20. To give you a much better perspective, a Starbucks white chocolate mocha venti will already cost you nearly $5. In less than 15 minutes, your product is nada!

Instead of buying a Starbucks venti every day for a week, save at least three days’ worth of your expense, and you can already have a game-changing tool to help with your ads.

PixConverter Review: Additional Offers

PixConverter has two more additional offers, which will help you make more money. You can even start another business in a day.

1. PixConverter Pro

This is an upgraded version of the $17 offer. This one costs $37, but you can also take advantage of the following:

  • Over 50 premium templates to match your audience and campaign and save yourself the hassle of designing ads
  • Unlimited sites, campaigns, and images
  • Tracking and analytics, so you have better knowledge about your conversions and which ads are doing well
  • Instant imaging using keywords, which means the buttons are ready – you just type the keyword, and voila! You have something to add to your site
  • Total add-on value of more than $2,600 for a price of only $37

2. PixConverter Resellers

If you like to earn more money from the system, you can become a reseller by getting yourself a license. It costs only $47, which is probably one of the cheapest reseller licenses you’ll find online.

What does this entail? You can offer the same product as if it were yours to your network, including your customers. You can also get to keep 100% of the profits, a model that’s almost unheard of.

When you sign up and buy the license, you can now access the exclusive members’ area and use all their marketing materials, from videos to marketing pages.

You don’t need to pay for hosting, domain, and support. PixConverter already provides these for you at no extra cost.

PixConverter Review: Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Complete and comprehensive
  • Convenient to track
  • Newbie friendly
  • Optimized for e-commerce, including mobile marketing
  • Access to numerous freebies and digital assets
  • Ability to earn more money through a reseller license


  • Takes getting used to

PixConverter Review: Conclusion

PixConverter doesn’t do all the legwork for digital marketing, but it tackles one of the most complex and hardest: ads. With it, you can save time designing graphics and second-guessing if they will work.

I hope my PixConverter review has been useful to you, and you’ve found a way to improve and boost your digital marketing strategy!

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