Plumbers Marketing Packs Review

What Is Plumbers Marketing Packs All About?

In short, Plumbers Marketing Packs is a bundle of premium quality resources and tools that allow you to approach businessmen in the plumbing niche. You can target clients from the whole spectrum – from high-paying ones to small local business owners.

The bundle empowers you to provide top-notch services to your clients. Because of the high quality of the resources in it, you will be able to effectively target plumbers and land them as clients for your marketing services. The pack helps you present yourself in the best manner possible to score as many clients as possible.

More about Plumbers Marketing Packs

Local businesses are always in more need of proper marketing services than the huge companies and brands. Simply because they have fewer resources to blow the horn on their existence.

This is where you can offer your marketing services and create a solid client base. But the thing is, especially if you’re entering a new niche, you’ll have to present materials that can convince them you can do the job.

Meaning paying for articles, graphics, videos, and whatnot to freelancers so that you can leave a good impression. And that costs tons of money.

You don’t want to grow bankrupt before you even began, right? This is where Plumbers Marketing Packs can help you. This is a great opportunity for online marketers to start landing clients in the niche, especially local businesses.

So if you’re interested in representing a plumber’s local business and want to add this type of business to your marketing portfolio, read my full Plumbers Marketing Packs review. There are some very important things to learn!

About Simon Lim

Plumbers Marketing Packs is an exclusive bundle by Simon Lim. He is well-known for his involvement with dozens of other agency and marketing bundles and solutions. His resources are always professionally crafted by him and his team at Local Consultant Kits. When choosing their products for your marketing goals, you choose HD video materials, high-quality graphics, and professional written content.

The overall feedback for Simon Lim and his bundles is extremely positive. From what I’ve seen, I can confirm the quality and professionalism of his products. That’s why I’m recommending opting for him with this Plumbers Marketing Packs Review. But don’t just take my word on its face value, keep reading to see what you get with this pack.

Plumbers Marketing Packs Review: Features

Plumbers Marketing Packs contains the three most important ingredients in terms of content for you to demonstrate and use to promote your clients’ businesses:

  • 10 Professional Video Commercials

This is a bundle of 10 videos with US voiceover. You can use them in a multitude of ways. Sell them to your target clients, competing with freelancers, let them upload them to your social streams. Sell them for a commission – let them use the videos on their websites or on YouTube and ask for a percentage in commissions for the generated traffic and sales.

  • 10 Professionally Written Articles

These are professional and highly informative articles on plumbing. Use them to boost the value of the businesses you do marketing for. They can increase trust and credibility that will most definitely boost your clients’ customers. And that will boost the money you get paid for your marketing services. The articles can be used on blogs, on websites, on social media, and so on.

  • 30 Engaging Social Media Posts

These are 30 DFY visual posts you can use on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to boost your clients’ engagement with their targeted customers. They are professionally crafted, ingenuine, and highly engaging.

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How to Profit with Plumbers Marketing Packs?

Plumbers Marketing Packs gives you all the freedom in the world on how to use the pack and the resources inside. One thing is certain – no matter how you choose to proceed, you will get closer to bigger and better profits. Here are some ideas:

  • Sell the videos individually – the minimum cost for one such video is $200 so you can make a pretty sweet profit from plumbers and plumbing businesses by selling the videos directly to them.
  • Market your clients – reach out to plumbing businesses and land them as your clients. Offer them social media management for a reasonable price and boost their channels with the featured resources.
  • Offer additional & recurring services – customize the videos and offer your services to plumbers by developing their own video channels. You can charge a commission for the leads you generate by ranking them high on YouTube or reach some other deal.
  • Maintain you’re customers’ websites – land plumbing businesses as clients and charge them a monthly retainer for regular maintenance for a website you create with the resources.
  • Charge for content – develop and maintain your clients’ blogs, rank them high on Google with the DFY articles and charge them a commission for the generated leads or sales.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of other potential profit opportunities you can uncover for yourself using this Plumbers Marketing Packs bundle.

Plumbers Marketing Packs Review: Who Should Try It?

Marketers from all walks of life stand to benefit from this pack. If you’re looking to expand your business and land clients in the plumbing niche, Plumbers Marketing Packs is for you.

If you’re already in the niche but are struggling to land clients offline, use the resources to reach more people and attract more attention. The quality of the resources makes them really convincing.

Is Plumbers Marketing Packs Worth Your Money?

Usually, resources like videos and articles cost hundreds of dollars. It’s a rarity for quality materials to cost less than $300. To boost your marketing agency business, you will first have to spend too much to be justified. Here is example pricing for you to get a better idea:

This is not the case with Plumbers Marketing Packs. It comes at a completely reasonable price you won’t even believe, and has no recurring fees. Once you get the resources bundle, all you have to do is use it to profit.

Plumbers Marketing Packs Review: Price & Discounts

Are you ready? The bundle launches on June 24th and is being sold for the unbelievable price of… $17. Do you understand now why I think this is a great opportunity for marketers? It will save you tons of money.

You might think the resources are not worth it if its so cheap, but as I said – I’ve always been impressed by the quality of the resources developed and provided by Simon Lim.

If you’re still doubtful, you have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee in place, in case you’re not satisfied with what you’ve received.

So be ready to score this awesome offer at a huge discount on June 24th for just $17!

Plumbers Marketing Packs Review: Additional Offers

You can expect three upsells if you purchase the bundle. Here they are:

Upsell #1: Plumbers Marketing Packs PRO Upgrade Videos ($37)

  • 10 professional marketing videos;
  • 30 video versions of the social media posts;
  • 2-3 minutes in length;
  • Professional scripts and US voiceover;
  • Easy to rebrand for specific needs;
  • CTAs at the end of each video.

Upsell #2: Plumbers Marketing Packs Deluxe Upgrade Videos ($47)

  • A premium pack of 10 more HQ videos;
  • Includes animated, whiteboard, kinetic, and spokesperson videos.

Upsell #3: Custom Video Creation Service ($197)

  • You can employ the guys at Local Consultant Kits to create 10 custom videos for you and your specific needs. The videos can be animated, whiteboard, kinetic, spokesperson, and commercial.

Plumbers Marketing Packs Review: Pros & Cons


  • High-Quality Resources;
  • Optimized for Conversions;
  • Wide Variety;
  • Awesome Graphics;
  • Professional Content;
  • A Multitude of Opportunities to Profit;
  • Extremely Low Price.


  • None have been noticed.

Plumbers Marketing Packs Review: Conclusion

Plumbers Marketing Packs is a great marketing kit created for marketers to help you land clients and profit from the individual parts of the bundle. All of the featured materials and resources are of high quality.

I wish to end my Plumbers Marketing Packs Review on a positive note – no matter what you do with this bundle, you can’t do it wrong, and at the end, profits will await. I hope you can make the best out of this pack.

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