Puzzle Book Mastery Review

Globalization and the unified market places that the Internet enables have made possible the eased entry into many and various niches markets. With the help of the World Wide Web, you can reach target audiences for virtually anything. You’ll probably look at puzzle book and crossword markets with suspicion. Leave your prejudice behind as this is one very lucrative niche. And people develop tools like the Puzzle Book Mastery specifically for these niche markets.

Sounds incredulous? Here’s the thing. Sudoku puzzles are still super popular to this day. Cryptograms and mazes, crosswords are solved by millions of people every day. In other words, the potential of that market is huge. Do you have a knack for puzzles and crosswords? So why not create your own with ease and minimum investment and then sell them for profit on Amazon, for example? My Puzzle Book Mastery Review will give you the details about this software and how it’s capable of creating popular puzzle books for you!

What Is Puzzle Book Mastery?

Puzzle Book Mastery is a cloud-based app that generates puzzles and crosswords according to the set of rules you predetermine for it. All you need is an Internet connection and you’re ready to generate your puzzles. Even if you know nothing about puzzles, that won’t stop you from creating engaging books. The system is all about generating puzzle that you can publish online. Amazon is recommended for that for a couple of reasons:

  • You’ll have access to the exposure of the platform and its large client base;
  • You can use the KDP features to publish Print on Demand books with crosswords.

In other words, you just have to create the puzzle book, the rest is taken care off on behalf of Amazon. Of course, you can publish any way you want to, but this seems like the easiest way possible, especially if you have no technical skills or the ability to create your own website.

About The Creator

Ken Bluttman is the creator of this puzzle-generating software. He’s well-known for his hard work in the online business field. He has a huge and impressive portfolio with more than 50 books published. He’s also a web developer with a background in automation. And he has a financial background. If that’s not an impressive resume, I don’t know what is. And his products have been proven to work time and again.

Puzzle Book Mastery Review: Features

Here’s a list of the features you can expect from Puzzle Book Master:

  • Complete Training
  • Unique Cloud-Based Software
  • Over The Shoulder Case Study
  • Quick Start Cheatsheet
  • Access To The Members Area
  • Access To The Facebook Group

With the basic version of the software, you can create word search, cryptograms, and sudoku puzzles. If you decide to upgrade your version, you can create additional puzzling games. In general, with the basic version, you’re allowed to create 100 puzzles a month, which you can redistribute among different books and sell them on Amazon. The cost of listing a product there is zero. With the very basic version, you can easily publish at least 3 books a month for example.

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How Does Puzzle Book Mastery Work?

The software is extremely easy to use and intuitive. You don’t need knowledge, skills or even interest in crosswords and puzzle in order to generate enough for a whole book. Here’s a three-step summary of how everything happens:

  • You Upload a list of words, sentences, or numbers through the Upload function;
  • You select the number of puzzles of a given type you want to be generated;
  • Hit Make Puzzles! And generating the puzzle happens immediately.

Puzzle Book Mastery Review: Who Should Try It?

Puzzle Book Mastery is an intuitive software developed for people who don’t want to waste time to build a business from scratch. It allows you to avoid creating a website, the need to pay for exposure on social media, it doesn’t require you to open your own eCommerce store. And you don’t need any knowledge about puzzles. If you want to start your own business and be your own boss, this system is a good tool to achieve that in a niche that has a huge audience.

Is Puzzle Book Mastery Worth Your Money?

Puzzle Book Mastery allows you to create multiple puzzle types and combine them into books for the fraction of the price at which you’ll be able to sell them afterward. It has a huge potential, and the basic version is cheap enough to be worth trying out. Given the reputation of Ken Bluttman, I am convinced there is worth and value-added to his product.

Puzzle Book Mastery Review: Bonuses

There are two additional FREE bonuses you can get with the Puzzle Book Mastery software:

  • How to Use Canva Video Course
  • Pack of 10 Mazes – You Can Put in a Puzzle Book

Puzzle Book Mastery Review: Price & Discounts

The basic version of the software goes around for $27 with a Money Back Guarantee of 30 days to provide you with security. The software’s price is unfortunately expected to rise prior to the offer getting taken down at some point in the future. But you still have the chance to claim your copy of the software along with the accompanying bonuses and training.

Puzzle Book Mastery Review: Additional Offers

When you purchase the software, you can expect two upsells you can choose to buy to upgrade your capabilities or skip on:


Pro Level ($37) – you can generate an unlimited amount of puzzles and books, and you get two additional puzzle types – word match and word scramble. It includes niche research, Amazon ads training, and branding capabilities.


Master Level ($67) – you’ll receive Crossword Puzzles and Activity Book Training. Activity books are a natural extension of puzzle books.

Puzzle Book Mastery Review: Pros & Cons


  • Proprietary software and training
  • Cloud-based, access anywhere
  • Solid business model, passive profits
  • No list, website, or special skills needed
  • Works with both free and paid traffic
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Create incentives in giveaways;
  • Market them on all markets;
  • Sell to local businesses;
  • Increase social media engagement;
  • Quick and simple to use.


  • None that I know of.

Puzzle Book Mastery Review: Conclusion

Puzzle Book Mastery is a great niche software for creating engaging content for puzzle lovers. Generate puzzles, crosswords, and mazes for a market that is hot and the audience is huge. As simple as this niche might sound, it holds extremely lucrative opportunities.

Ken Bluttman has ensured to access to a simple yet powerful tool that will help you join the online commerce niche without a lot of effort or investments. I hope my Puzzle Book Mastery Review has been of use to you, even if you’re not a puzzle or crossword fan and know nothing about it. With this software, you can start immediately!

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