Revyoo Review

A quick, easy and secure way to double your sales, it may look like a dream to you. But with Revyoo it is possible. Revyoo is a complete cloud software, where you have an extensive opportunity to grow your business in a cost-effective manner.

It digitalizes your business prospects and opens the gate of success for you. It offers effective videos and mini sites in just a few clicks, thereby giving businesses an opportunity to reach out to their customers effectively and promptly.

Revyoo is a venture, led by Tom Yevsikov and Gaurab Borah. It may not look like a revolution in the scope of marketing but it is a definite way to build your sales. Tom and Gaurab were aware of this idea way long back, but it took some time for them to land it practicality.

What is Revyoo & Who are the Creators?

The basic question you would be wondering is What does Revyoo actually do? So basically it’s cloud software that helps you in marketing your product through a really impressive strategy. And the strategy which has been used is Videos. The creators are well aware of how lucrative this marketing technique and strategy can be.

Everyone can acknowledge that getting traffic through a general promotional video is very difficult. Yet review videos are still able to attain maximum traffic from your channels. So this software is a one-stop solution that makes complicated marketing jobs like video and site creation, easy and quick. It has been developed by professionals with years of experience and creating digital products for optimizing online marketing strategies.

How Does Revyoo Work?

Another possible question running in your mind would be How does it work? Now that’s an important question, as making a video is naturally not a simple task, you have to indulge in various activities such as searching models, creating scripts, proper shooting locations and so on. At the utmost level, you will be able to create only one video in a day. This process is quite hectic and costly.

In comparison, Revyoo helps you in simplifying a similar process, that can be completed in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Enter your keyword in the software, it evaluates the results from Google and YouTube and accordingly it extracts your product from successful websites such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. You can then select the number of products you want to inculcate in the video.

Step 2: Now you can generate a review video, list video or a comparison video, within few clicks only. You just need to add music, theme, and logo and it will automatically create a mini-site indulging your SEO tags and descriptions. Now you have your impactful and appealing videos in your hand.

Step 3: In just a few easy steps you can create a number of videos daily, and create a perpetual source of income. Simple videos also get high traffic, so that you can earn in both the respects, i.e. by improving sales and getting multiple views on your channel.

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Revyoo Review: Who Benefits Out of It?

Revyoo is a software made for those who believe in simplicity, as mentioned earlier it is a software that makes your videos easily and quickly. Also, a major thing to specify is that it works only for the people who deal with physical goods. Who are also aiming to have a great market size for their sales. These videos help your business to gain traction and scale your profits.

Is Revyoo Worth It?

Is it sensible to opt for a method which is an absolutely complicated and strenuous way to market your product rather than spending a little amount and earning results for an extensive time period?

Just imagine that you have employed time, money and a lot of effort in creating a video manually, and once your video is created, you are still facing the question How to bring traffic on your videos. Whereas you find software like Revyoo which is ethical and legal, gives you proven results, and in return takes a very low cost. You can see the results online.

As this technique is to motivate partially converted buyers into fully converted buyers, the process is simple as it invites those individuals who are already willing to buy the products.

You just need to push them, through this technique, it will not just double your sales but also give you an opportunity to build extra income through millions and billions of views coming via traffic.

Revyoo Review: Additional Bonus

By purchasing the Revyoo pack, you become eligible to receive some bonuses, including access to a Live Webinar. You can also gain access to a list of additional bonus resources:

1. YouTube Authority – this is an exclusive guide which will help you to manage your YouTube channel. From the very beginning until the expansion and optimization of your YouTube channel, it will assist you in all respects to grow your business on YouTube.

2. WP YouTube Leads – this is also a comprehensive guide that will assist you in developing your YouTube channel for further achievements. It can be assessed as a beginner guide.

3. Unbreakable Links – this is an important bonus, as it helps you in creating easy and effective links for your videos. And not just that but it will guide you in respect to obtain those links as well. It will let you know all do’s and don’ts while creating the link so that it will maximize your efficiency.

4. Music Loops – these music loops contain 25 royalty free music loops, which can be utilized in your as well as your client projects.

5. TUBE Channel SEO – this is a video training module that comprises key points you should keep in mind before creating your YouTube videos, it will help you optimize your video according to YouTube search engine research.

6. WP Affiliate Fix – in this pack, you will be able to obtain profits via the music and entertainment industry.

7. WP Video Commission Plugin – this plugin will help you in creating a video’s review page and also assist you in managing your affiliates bonus in WordPress.

8. Traffic Secrets Unleashed – now this one is the most beneficial one as it helps you in identifying the most effective source to get traffic on your channel. It has got quick easy techniques to utilize the benefits available through various sites on the internet.

9. 10k ClickFunnels Case Study – here is an amazing case study of click funnels which will make you understand the ease of making commission through Revyoo.

10. Commission Fire – commission fire is no less than a treasure that will help you in becoming a mega marketer. It will let you know all the secrets that can make your online business a booming succession.

Revyoo Review: Price and Discounts

Even though the market value of the solution is objectively big, the product is being sold for a very low price. All because it has been created to boost sales for its users and not limit their potential.

The software launch is due June 12th, when you’ll be able to get the package with additional discounts. It will be priced between $27 and $37. The price is expected to rise post-launch to $47. The aim is to reach a maximum amount of people.

Revyoo Review: Additional Offers

Some of the options offered as additional offers contain some extra benefits. These products are as follows:

1. Upgrade 1 – Revyoo Pro: Through this package, the commercial license you get can also be outsourced and up to 10 members can be added by the package holder. The creator can create unlimited videos and YouTube accounts and hence, drive unlimited traffic. It is priced at $67.

2. Upgrade 2 – Revyoo Store: This package is priced at $47. It creates self-updating Revyoo stores that offer a higher possibility of income generation. The package holder can sell more related products and build an email list with social media sharing. In addition to this, offers can be shared on a number of portals including Facebook and Pinterest.

3. Upgrade 3 – Unlimited Reseller: Priced at $197, through this package one can sell rights to a number of other offline and online users and have the privilege of adding and removing users through the reseller panel.

Revyoo Review: Pros & Cons


  • Very easy to use and has very significant results.
  • Users don’t have to create scripts or voiceovers manually.
  • Eliminates the need for outsourcing the creation of videos and mini sites.
  • No need to do push-marketing or convincing hard to sell products or services.
  • 3-click quick operations to reach customers & generate leads & sales.
  • No prior knowledge, no huge investments, or SEO experience is required.
  • There’s a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • No identified at this point.

Revyoo Review: Conclusion

To sum it up, Revyoo is an innovative way in which businesses can multiply their sales and earn commissions. It is a win-win for both users and creators as users get hold of authentic information of the products they wish to buy and the creators can earn a commission or multiply their earnings.

However, Revyoo should not be confused with the easy money technique. While leads and traffic are assured, the software is ethical and genuine, and requires you to make an effort. No cutting corners.

Like with everything else, you’ll have to work for your profits. In any case, I hope my review has been helpful and you now have a much better idea of how you can use Revyoo to your benefit.

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