Storytelling Video Fortune Review

What Is Storytelling Video Fortune?

Storytelling Video Fortune is a video package containing whiteboard and professionally crafted information videos. It has been created for agencies and business owners who wish to leverage the power of video marketing and storytelling.

The videos have a question-based character and try to solve important problems for your clients. They answer the most important question “How to choose the best…?”.

Such quality videos create trust between the customers and your brand. They provide valuable information that will be of great use to your target audience. The package is made of explainer videos that rely heavily on quality storytelling. This makes them:

  • informative;
  • memorable;
  • attention-grabbing;
  • persuasive.

Such videos can greatly strengthen your position with your customers and target audience.

More About Storytelling Video Fortune

Storytelling is the most enticing element of any marketing strategy. Storytelling is engaging, it builds trust with your customers, it attracts the attention of your target audience. Most of all, storytelling is an incentive for people to hear your offer out.

When you market something to people, you require them to spare some of their precious time to listen and pay attention. If you don’t make the effort to give them good storytelling, they will simply ignore you, because you are marketing the boring way.

It doesn’t matter if your product or service is the best on the market. Without good storytelling, you will not achieve results.

This is where the Storytelling Video Fortune tool can help you. It has been created with the sole purpose of enabling you to boost your content and video marketing. Read this Storytelling Video Fortune Review carefully to learn of all the ways you can benefit from using it.

About Dawn Vu

Dawn Vu is the well-known name of the creator of this storytelling video package. He is responsible for numerous other solutions for video marketing and tools for boosting engagement and sales.

His experience in the industry includes 6 years of creating websites, funnels, videos, and many more marketing materials to provide for his clients and boost their businesses.

His experience in creating quality marketing materials for his clients is undeniable. I’ve witnessed myself the professionalism and craftsmanship of his materials and resources. And that’s why I’m recommending you Storytelling Video Fortune for your business.

Storytelling Video Fortune Review: What It Features?

Storytelling Video Fortune a high-quality video pack you can get for a minute investment. You will receive:

  • 10 professionally-created videos – all have been crafted for storytelling and suitable for promoting local businesses;
  • Focus is on 10 niches – Pediatrician, Dentist, Dermatologist, Roofing Contractor, Plumbing Contractor, Chiropractor HVAC Contractor, Senior Care, Personal Injury Attorney, Bankruptcy Attorney.
  • Editable Capabilities – you will be able to edit all of the videos with PowerPoint to adjust them to your needs.

Videos are on average 2 minutes long, all made with the unique technique used by Dawn Vu. They are accompanied by 10 blackboard versions of the same content.

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How Does Storytelling Video Fortune Work?

Storytelling Video Fortune and its contents are a versatile solution. There is a multitude of ways in which you can profit from this video pack. Storytelling is a skill and a good that is sought-after, so don’t waste time wondering how to achieve results.

  1. Research the market and sell the videos – see how much video makers charge for a single video on average and sell the videos individually for a flat price to local businesses in the niches available.
  2. Offer video marketing services – operate as an agency or an independent marketer and market your services to local businesses. Rank them high through the videos and charge accordingly.
  3. Establish an equity deal – offer the videos as a marketing resource and charge a commission for all the leads-turned-sales that have been generated thanks to this video.
  4. Use the videos for yourself – promote your own business, the businesses of friends, and so on, using these videos.

Storytelling Video Fortune Review: Who Should Try It?

If you wish to use the power of storytelling to make profits and are looking for ways to boost your or your customers’ businesses, this pack is for you. If you’re aiming to start your own business as a marketing agency, this is a great initial boost.

Show your clients you are serious. Give them marketing materials that look professional and are known to convert. That is bound to shoot your business upwards.

Is Storytelling Video Fortune Worth Your Money?

The package is offered for a shamelessly low price. Given the benefits you can reap from using storytelling in your video marketing strategies, it is wise to consider using it.

Of course, it is limited to 10 specific niche markets. Those have been selected after thorough and careful market research on part of Dawn Vu. These are all profitable niches. If you’re looking to expand your marketing agency business with them, don’t hesitate!

Storytelling Video Fortune Review: Bonuses

There are 3 amazing bonuses that will further equip you with everything you need to turn profits from these videos:

Bonus 1: Video Marketing Agency LP – start your business immediately, establishing a website in a matter of minutes with this landing page. It has a clean design, fast loading speed, filled with sales copy that converts. The landing page is optimized for mobile devices, has all the necessary buttons, additional images and is easy to edit. Don’t worry, there are tutorials included!

Bonus 2: Promotional Videos for Your Service – a professionally-crafted promotional video that is expected to boost your client-acquisition rate. Put them on your website, on your social channels, and gain exposure and engagement!

Bonus 3: Additional Tutorials – get a to-the-point guide on how to score your first clients and how to retain them. The tutorials and guides are filled with insights and tips stemming from the long experience of Dawn Vu. Learn how to find and approach business owners, how to optimize your profits and scale your business quickly.

Storytelling Video Fortune Review: Price & Discounts

At the launch, you can get this storytelling video package at a discount of 60%. The price will be $17 between June 12th and June 16th, 2019. After that, the price is expected to rise to $27. If you want to grab that early-bird access, now is the time for that.

Storytelling Video Fortune Review: Additional Offers

There is so much more to this offer, you can’t even begin to imagine. You can expand even further with the following upsells:

OTO 1: Upgrade Package $27

  • 10 Additional Niches: Massage Therapist, Pediatric Dentist, Physical Therapist, Insurance, Pets, Painting Contractor, DUI Attorney, Electrician, Carpet Cleaner, Bookkeeping.
  • Square Videos for Social Media.
  • Landing Page with Animations.

OTO 2: Prospecting Video Package $27

  • 20 prospecting whiteboard videos – 10 with UK & 10 with US voiceover.
  • Blackboard versions & Source files.
  • PowerPoint templates for all videos.

OTO 3: Contractor Marketing Suite $67

  • Marketing Materials for 6 Contractor Niches – these include videos, LPs, and images for social media.

OTO 4: Customization Service $97 – $147

OTO 5: Exclusive Video Creation Service $197

Storytelling Video Fortune Review: Pros & Cons


  • Professionally-crafted video content;
  • High-quality resources;
  • Highly-converting marketing materials;
  • Additional tutorials & training materials;
  • User-friendly & intuitive;
  • Lots of bonuses;
  • Reasonable pricing;
  • Lots of profitable opportunities.


  • Limited to specific niche markets.

Storytelling Video Fortune Review: Conclusion

Storytelling Video Fortune weighs in on one of the most lucrative techniques in marketing – creating stories. Storytelling is one of the most engaging approaches to marketing. Combined with another strategy – video marketing, that generates solid results, this tool is a way to start or boost your marketing consulting business.

I hope this Storytelling Video Fortune Review has its merits, and you were able to find all the important and useful information. If you’re looking to promote local businesses in one (or all) of the covered niches, this package will be a great way to boost your marketing agency’s reputation and client acquisition.

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