Three For One Hosting Unlimited Package Review

What Is Three For One Hosting Unlimited Package?

Three for One Hosting Unlimited Package is a great new solution for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and affiliate marketers that helps with hosting issues offering a wholesome service. It offers a single flat price, a one-time payment for a 3-year period of hosting your website, with all the added bonuses and benefits.

This is an amazing bargain web hosting deal the will forever rid you of the horrors of a slow loading website. It offers top performance and top-notch support.

All while you actually save money, not worrying about renewing your hosting, no lags while loading, and some of the quickest response times.

More About Three For One Hosting

To have an online business, the most essential element is to be present online. A reputable and properly established business won’t simply have social media profiles, but a well-crafted and user-friendly website.

Whether this website will be an online store, an affiliate base of operations or just a source of information about the business, a way to gain exposure, one thing is for sure. As the owner of that business, you will need a hosting service for your website.

The thing with hosting services different from the Three for One Hosting Unlimited Package discussed in this review is that they require either monthly or annual payments. And this can turn out to be quite pricey, especially if you hold a domain with your hosting service that gets renewed annually as well.

This Three for One Hosting Unlimited Package review is going to expand on why this service is different from everything else we know is available for hosting. Let’s dig deep!

About The Creator

The creator of this exciting hosting opportunity is Richard Madison, a familiar vendor known for his quality hosting solutions and tools. He is the competition you wished for when it comes to cheap hosting services.

We’re not talking about cheap and crappy. Richard Madison gives you the chance to forget about:

  •  slowly loading pages;
  •  crashing due to overloaded servers;
  •  bad exposure and reduced traffic levels;
  •  bad Google rankings due to slow site speeds;
  •  reduced sales and poor customer satisfaction due to slow response times;
  •  recurring payments, overpriced services in exchange for poor performance.

This brand new service by Richard Madison draws the attention back to the quality of what he has to offer. Why do I think this hosting service is so good? Keep reading my Three for One Hosting Unlimited Package Review to see my reasoning.

Three For One Hosting Unlimited Package Review: Features

Three for One Hosting Unlimited Package is tightly packed with great features to improve your website’s performance and empower your business:

1. Top of The Line Hardware – gives you blazing speeds specifically, a minimum of Dual Xeon L5630 with 8 Cores (16 HT Cores), 96 GB DDR3 RAM, SSD Storage for OS and MySQL with RAID Enterprise SATA Storage, connected via 1Gbps Network. If you’re a non-techie, this just translates to having a great server that is as fast as a speeding bullet! No more potential buyers (or Google) turned off by waiting for your website to load.

2. Top of The Line Software For Faster Loading Sites – they use Litespeed Web Server. If you’re not a techie, then this means that it’s able to handle more users, any massive traffic spikes, and neutralizes DDoS attacks. Along with that, they also use CloudLinux which prevents any one website from hogging all the resources. This way they’ve made sure your site is serviced correctly while providing dynamic site security at the same time.

24/7 Top-Notch Support – their friendly team of support engineers have been providing dynamic support for the past 14 years. If you ever experience any issues with your hosting, simply submit a ticket and their team will help you get them resolved fast, if not immediately.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee – nothing is more important than your website being seen by your web visitors and customers. That’s why they’ve made sure that your website is up and functioning at all times. This way you’ll never miss a sale.

Unlimited Domains – if you have a network of websites, then you can take advantage of the ability to host unlimited domains for your various websites and niches with them. Plus, it’s completely simple to add a domain to your web hosting package with no hassle at all. There’s a special package for that, and yes, at a different price, but still a manageable one.

Easy To Use cPanel Control Panel – with every Three For One Hosting account, they’ve also included an easy to use cPanel account at no extra charge. This way you can manage your hosting quickly and easily right from the start.

All The Applications You’ll Ever Need – if there’s any application you want to install on your domains, they’ve got you 100% covered. With only one click, you can install popular applications like WordPress, Joomla, eCommerce, Gallery, and more!

Unlimited Email Accounts – want to separate personal emails from business emails on your domains? Or even just have a separate email for billing purposes? No problem. You get the ability to create as many email accounts as you like with no hassle.

Unlimited FTP Accounts – if you’re like most website owners, you’re probably not too technical and you have a website developer handle a lot of the technical stuff. By having an unlimited amount of FTP accounts, you gain complete control over how your files and folders are accessed without worry.

Unlimited MySQL Databases – they also give you the ability to have unlimited MySQL databases. Now you won’t have to ever worry about the limitations of installing any apps on your brand new web hosting account.

Unlimited Subdomains – if you want to have multiple variations of a site on one domain or even just have a site to test some things, they’ve totally got you covered. There are no limits to how many subdomains you can have. Just enter the details you want for a subdomain and you’re good to go.

Free Website Builder – you’ll also get access to the Free website builder that requires no scripting or coding. You don’t even need to know HTML! That means even if you’re the non-techie, non-programming type, you can still create a great professional looking website.

Enterprise RAID Storage – in addition to everything else, you also get the incredibly fast lightning RAID storage you need to handle all the bandwidth and power needed for your websites.

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How is Three For One Hosting Different from the Rest?

Let’s take a look at what’s different about 3For1 Hosting. You think it might lack something compared to the competition because it’s so cheap? You think wrong. And you get all that for just a fraction of the regular price other hosting services will charge you!

Three For One Hosting Unlimited Package Review: Who Should Try It?

If your goal is to become an online business owner, regardless of your business model, then this hosting service is a great place to start.

If you run a blog, an ecommerce website, or sell any sort of products or services online, you need hosting… You need something good like Three For One Hosting.

You need a hosting service you can depend on, without a price tag that kills your profits. Three For One Hosting gives you the best of both worlds: three years of top quality value-added hosting for the price of one.

This is a service good for anyone who wants to establish a good website that loads quickly and doesn’t crash. You can host your store, or your blog, or your affiliate marketing niche site, or simply your company website. There’s a place for everyone and everything.

Is Three For One Hosting Unlimited Package Worth Your Money?

Three for One Hosting and their team have served the needs of more than 58,000 clients across the globe. They offer what every major hosting service can but for a fraction of the price.

If you’re serious about your online business, intent on staying online for years and you plan ahead, then acquiring a hosting service like that is totally worth it.

Three For One Hosting Unlimited Package Review: Bonuses

You can claim two extra bonuses for free. They are mainly focused on affiliate marketing and can help you establish an affiliate website network for your benefit.

Three For One Hosting Unlimited Package Review: Price & Plans

You can choose from two 3-year plans to purchase, each with their respective bonuses. The main difference is in the number of domains you are allowed to have.

  •  Solo Plan: 1 domain allowed, priced at $71.40 for 3 years
  •  Unlimited Plan: Unlimited domains allowed, priced at $107.40 for 3 years

Three For One Hosting Unlimited Package Review: Additional Offers

To top it all off, you’ll be able to add three more additional upgrades and features:


  • PowerSSD Unlimited for $19-$26 OR PowerSSD Solo for $15-$20, which provides double the server speed, tools for scaling your business, and additional reinforcements against your website going down.


  • Addon Pro for $39-$53 OR Addon Starter for $27-$37, which provides you essential online business add-ons like SSL certificates, cPanel Account Migration, SEO tools, upgraded site builder features, and Priority Backup Protection.


  • Smart Apps Value Bundle, 3 services, 3 years for $51-$70, which provides you with additional essential apps for tracking your clicks, adding push notifications, and additional online storage. Everything for your online business to run smoothly.

Three For One Hosting Unlimited Package Review: Pros & Cons


  •  High-quality hosting service;
  •  An affordable price, no monthly fees;
  •  Reliable & constant customer support;
  •  Verified & trustworthy hosting partner;
  •  Access to a private community;
  •  Versatile plans & packages;
  •  Money-back guarantee;


  •  It is a 3-year service, no shorter periods.

Three For One Hosting Unlimited Package Review: Conclusion

Three for One Hosting and its Unlimited Package offer give you an amazing chance to host a website or a network of websites on a budget. This is a reliable service, and if you’re looking for affordable, yet quality hosting, you’ve come to the right place.

I hope my Three for One Hosting Review has been of use for you. I highly recommend trying their services, being confident that if you find it not suitable for your needs, you can initiate a money-back process. Although, I highly doubt it will come to that!

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