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Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari are familiar faces in the industry. They’ve proven themselves as professionals when it comes to creating tools that boost traffic. Content marketing is no easy task, and having a powerful tool like TrafficXPro under your belt can give you a much-needed edge.

I have an in-depth knowledge of their previous solutions and I find this new content curating tool pretty exciting. That’s why I was eager to compile my TrafficXPro Review and present it to you. If I have your interest at this point, keep reading because the best is yet to come!

What Is TrafficXPro?

TrafficXPro is a cloud-based app created with the explicit goal of giving the ability to uncover viral content from the biggest user-generated and content sharing platforms. Why? So that you can publish it on your websites and blogs, and generate traffic.

There are many apps and software tools that allow for that, but TrafficXPro has one significant advantage over the competition. It automatically updates the content of your websites. Giving you a hands-free experience when it comes to maintaining your websites and contain.

This, on the other hand, will give you more time to spend on scaling your business, rather than wasting it in trial-and-error experiments with content.

TrafficXPro is a content marketing tool for research, curation, publishing, and monetizing content for your dedicated websites. It solves one of the greatest challenges you might face as a marketer – create content that can be engaging, become viral, and boost leads and sales.

The following TrafficXPro Review will explore in detail what you can do with this software and how you can benefit in terms of increased engagement and leads. If you believe in the simple truth that Content is King and want the power of content on your side, then keep reading.

TrafficXPro Review: Features & Capabilities

TrafficXPro has one huge merit – it allows you to create websites that can siphon 100% unique and free viral content within seconds. Why waste time trying and failing to create content that can go viral on your own, when you can use the already existing one?

This allows you to create an unlimited number of websites in a very short period of time, on any topic of your choosing. You can give a solid push to your business if you can constantly expand your website network, instead of fumbling around with ineffective content.

That unlimited ability to create websites and blogs gives you the chance to join as many niche markets as you wish very quickly, and dip your fingers in many golden pots. I don’t know about you, but such an opportunity is not something I’m willing to miss out on.

In addition to the software itself, you will receive also:

  • Video Training on how to successfully use the software;
  • An Extensive eBook resource on Traffic Generation & Conversions.

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How Does TrafficXPro Work?

Using the TrafficXPro software allows you to do several things:

  • Access & Search the Major Social Media Platforms – discover content related to your keywords from the largest social sharing platforms, and then some.
  • Get Metrics About Content – see which visual content is most viewed, most liked, most disliked, most downloaded, most commented, and most engaging as a whole.
  • Download Closed Captions – TrafficXPro also researches YouTube for relevant viral content and allows you to download the closed captioning of videos. This content is always fresh and unique, and you can use it to create blog posts or social media posts, to generate more traffic.
  • Publish The Content – everything is in one place. You can use the TrafficXPro dashboard to directly publish your content to your networks, blogs, and websites, or set the software do it automatically for you. In the process, you’re allowed to edit, customize, and even add more content to the already existing one before hitting publish.
  • Monetization – given how quickly this software helps you establish your blogs and websites, and fill them with content, you can immediately start monetizing affiliate offers, including ones coming from eBay or Amazon.

The TrafficXPro software is extremely powerful and versatile, and you can use it in a multitude of ways. But probably the most important thing about it is the fact that it is user-friendly.

Don’t worry if you know nothing of content curation, let alone how to publish it on your channels using a cloud-based app. The intuitive interface and the added simplicity will make using TrafficXPro a walk in the park even for people with limited technical knowledge.

TrafficXPro Review: Who Should Try It?

It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in or what are your interests and goals. TrafficXPro does its content research based on the keywords you feed it and from the platforms you select. This allows you to set up blogs and websites with content for every niche out there.

If you want to set up a passive income source, then you should try this powerful software without a second doubt. Affiliate marketing has never been easier to accomplish when there’s someone else out there to provide you with FREE and converting content.

Is TrafficXPro Worth Your Money?

Most software tools in this class cost a lot. If you decide to employ a professional content creator, you could spend thousands before actually seeing results. TrafficXPro will spare you all that. To top it all off, it will work automatically for you.

And with the software, you avoid crashing and burning, and wasting your time with content that doesn’t bite, whether you pay a freelancer for it or you create it yourself.

In other words, yes. If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and reliable way to set up an online business around viral content, you should perceive the idea of investing in TrafficXPro as a worthy one.

TrafficXPro Review: Price & Discounts

TrafficXPro will be released on July 7th at 9 AM EST. The release will be celebrated with a dimesale for the quickest marketers. Early-bird purchasers can claim their access to the software for just $22 in the first 6 hours of the release. One these 6 hours are over, the price of the TrafficXPro will rise to $27 for all other buyers.

TrafficXPro Review: Additional Offers

Be ready for 5 upsells in total if you decide to get the TrafficXPro software package:

  • OTO 1: TrafficXPro – Unlimited Profits Edition ($67)

This is the site license that allows you to create an unlimited number of fully automated commission-optimized websites with constantly self-updated content. In addition, the license allows you to use the software commercially, to create websites for third parties and get paid by them.

  • OTO 2: TrafficXPro – 100x Advanced Edition ($97)

The upgrade gives you the opportunity to create hot trending news websites as you tap into the latest and most trending news on a daily basis. It works in the same way, but instead of blogs with viral visual content, it creates news websites to boost traffic and allow you to profit instantly.

  • OTO 3: TrafficXPro – DFY Money Sites ($297)

By purchasing this service, you pay the team of TrafficXPro to build you 20 100% Done-For-You money websites. They make them in low-competition niche markets with huge returns, and give you the chance to put your own affiliate links. Meaning, you’ll start a business completely hands-free.

  • OTO 4: TrafficXPro – Super Traffic Machine ($77)

This additional offer gives you the opportunity to create your own affiliate network and start building a network of people eager to promote your own offers. Meaning, you’ll be able to start generating passive traffic sent your way by affiliates. The Affiliate Store you can create can be integrated with your main TrafficXPro website.

  • OTO 5: TrafficXPro – License Rights ($197)

This license gives you the chance to sell the TrafficXPro software itself as your very own unique and powerful product. You will be able to keep 100% of the profits you generate, no questions asked, no strings attached.

All of these additional exciting upgrades will become available once you purchase the core TrafficXPro software. Think carefully about what you need and how much you wish to grow your passive-income business, and make a choice.

You’re not obliged to purchase any of these additional offers, but they bring additional value to your efforts and can help you build an affiliate empire from the constant inflow of traffic, increase of leads, and boost in sales.

TrafficXPro Review: Pros & Cons


  • Versatile & Powerful Tool;
  • Easy to Set Up & Run;
  • Easy-to-Use & Navigate;
  • Discovers Viral Content;
  • Research & Curate FREE Content;
  • Edit, Publish & Monetize Viral Content;
  • Drives Massive Amounts of Traffic;
  • Boosts Sales & Conversions;
  • Enhances Exposure & Engagement;
  • Constant Customer Support;
  • Extremely Low Price.


  • Takes some getting-used-to.

TrafficXPro Review: Conclusion

TrafficXPro is one of the most powerful content research and curation tools. It allows you to search for free viral content form the biggest networks, edit and publish it on your websites, and monetize it. The software gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily set up your stream of passive income and establish a sustainable online business.

The software comes with additional resources to boost your knowledge and expertise. I hope my TrafficXPro Review was able to translate how powerful and useful this tool can be for any online marketer.

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