TubeRaid Review

What Is TubeRaid?

TubeRaid is a next-generation software for lead and sales generation. It works efficiently to discover relevant YouTube videos, to compile placement lists and to allow you to post your placement adds there. All in a couple of clicks.

The software is easy-to-use and intuitive, created for both novices who want to get a quick start in the YouTube industry, and professionals who want to make their lives easier.

More about TubeRaid

Video traffic has become invaluable for the success of almost any business in basically every niche. Video has become of the most engaging content elements of any marketing strategy. It boosts exposure, engagement, and respectively – sales, due to the spike in traffic.

But targeted video traffic is expensive and hard to acquire. That’s why software tools like TubeRaid get created. Their main goal is to enable marketers to generate targeted traffic from YouTube for the benefit of their business.

Read my full TubeRaid Review to discover all important elements of this software and how to use it to gain more leads, and acquire more sales for your business.

About Ali Anjamparuthi & Talent Info Systems

TubeRaid was developed by Ali Anjamparuthi and his team at Talent Info Systems Limited. They specialize in the development of software solutions, apps, scripts, tutorials, and educational products for the digital marketing field.

Their long years of experience have helped the provide top-quality products that can be of help for any marketer out there, regardless of your niche or business model. That’s why I advise you to keep reading my TubeRaid Review, to see if you can make use of it yourself.

TubeRaid Review: Features & Capabilities

TubeRaid provides you with a long list of features and additional bonuses. The package you purchase includes:

  • The TubeRaid Software – a browser add-on you can use anytime and from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection and the add-on – installed on your computer.
  • An Extensive Video Course – learn how to use the software to create placement lists, how to upload them to your Adwords account for Placement Targeting, how to make efficient ads, and so on.
  • Bonus Downloads – a huge library of additional bonuses to boost your YouTube marketing and the returns from your overall marketing strategies.

How Does TubeRaid Work?

It is quite simple to use the software. So far, to create a YouTube placement ad, you had to scour the video-sharing platform for relevant videos that allow ads to be displayed in their streams. TubeRaid does that automatically, according to a keyword you suggest. Here’s the whole process in a couple of simple steps:

  1. Install the add-on – once you get the software package, simply install the browser extension so that you can have access to the lists at your fingertips.
  2. Enter desired keywords – input into the add-on the keywords related to your niche markets so that it can browse YouTube on your behalf.
  3. Wait out for the generated list – TubeRaid will discover relevant to your niche videos and compile them into placement lists. The selected videos are all going to be relevant to your niche, ensuring a boost for sales and conversions.
  4. Upload the list to your Adwords profile – create your placement targeting ads on YouTube quickly and easily, without wasting time to select videos one by one.

And that’s about it. The software is extremely powerful thanks to the technology it uses. The whole process shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes, and everything will be done automatically.

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Good To Know!

The add-on works with all major browsers like Opera, Firefox, and Chrome, and can be used on both MAC and Windows computers.

Using TubeRaid gives you highly targeted traffic, highly-converting buyers traffic, and a cheap way to promote your offers on YouTube.

Testing and trials show that clients of the TubeRaid service pay just 2 or 3 cents for each view and visitor. Meaning, you can scale your business quickly and start with small budgets like $5.

TubeRaid Review: Who Should Try It?

Any online business owner stands to gain from such a software solution. It gives you exposure and placement access to videos relevant to your business niche. Meaning, you will get more leads and will grab the attention of more people interested in your goods and services.

Regardless of your niche or business model, whether you’re your product or service’s own creator or you’re an affiliate marketer, TubeRaid is here to assist you. Today there is a better and faster way to get videos for placement targeting in the face of the TubeRaid software. Do not miss the chance to optimize your work and scale your business.

Is TubeRaid Worth Your Money?

This software does two things for you:

  1. Saves you tons of timeno more manual gathering of video URLs for your YouTube ad campaigns, you will have more time to develop your business, rather than browse for endless URLs and waste away behind the keyboard, trying to figure out the most relevant videos;
  2. Saves you tons of moneyit achieves that through the fact that the generated traffic is highly targeted and converts easily. Simply because the videos selected are always relevant to your niche and keywords, and the people seeing your ads will have more interest in buying your products. In that sense, you will not be losing profits from bad traffic and uninterested leads.

In that sense, I do think that this simple yet powerful add-on is worth the miniature investment you have to make in order to acquire the whole package.

TubeRaid Review: Price & Discounts

TubeRaid gets released on July 5th, 7:30 AM CST. It can be bought with or without a Developer License. That’s why the price will vary between $17 and $27, depending on your choice. Just think about what you need and which option will meet your requirements.

And that is why I think the value-for-money offer that TubeRaid makes for us marketers is so good. All these automatic capabilities, and just for $17? That’s not something worth missing out.

TubeRaid Review: Additional Offers

There are three upsells of TubeRaid, if you decide to purchase the software, all of which can be purchased with or without a Developer License:

  • OTO #1: Viral Video Monetizer 2.0 for $17 – $27.
  • OTO #2: AmzCatalog Creator 3.0 for $17 – $27.
  • OTO #3: CB Affiliate Magic for $17 – $27.

These are all business-optimizing solutionsfor automation and optimization of various business processes – from automated monetization of videos to automated creations of Amazon catalogs. Keep in mind that you need to purchase TubeRaid first, to gain access to the additional offers.

TubeRaid Review: Pros & Cons


  • Easy-to-Use Software;
  • Works with All OSs & Major Browsers
  • Automation of Tasks;
  • Versatile Solution;
  • Discovers Relevant Video Content;
  • Can Generate Highly Targeted Traffic;
  • Boosts Leads, Sales, and Conversions;
  • Comes with Additional Training;
  • Very Low Price;
  • Additional Exciting Bonuses.


  • None have been discovered.

TubeRaid Review: Conclusion

TubeRaid is an extremely versatile browser extension you can use to automatically discover relevant to your niche videos on YouTube and use them for Placement Targeting ads. It is easy-to-use, yet extremely powerful.

Such a tool helps you cut down on costs and time for advertising on videos on YouTube. The compiled lists contain only niche-relevant videos and generate highly-targeted traffic that converts better. I hope my TubeRaid Review has been useful explaining all that, and that you’ve found your new business-optimization partner.

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Step 4: All Bonuses in your selected Bonus Package is Yours. Expect to receive them within 12-24 hours.

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