Viddly Review

The reason you are reading this review is because you want to make money online. The idea of making money online is one of the most exciting things you can ever do. Imagine all the freedom that it provides. Imagine being able to live your life without the worry that your bank is running dry? That is the promise that Viddly.

You must have heard from so many people about how possible it is for you to make money on the Internet. At the same time, there are those who have warned you against it. They must have told you that it is an impossible mission, given the many scam projects. So, which ones do you listen to?

For you to legitimately make money online, you must, first of all, depend on a trustworthy tool. Even though we acknowledge that there are scams on the Internet, the catch is always on making sure that whatever you are using is not something that will see you lose money. Is Viddly one such program?

In this Viddly review, I will tell you more about how this product can help you make money online. This new software purports to create tiny money pages with built-in traffic for non-stop money generation. This is a unique approach, which makes it necessary for us to test it so that we know whether or not it works. By the time you are done reading this review, you will have known how Viddly works, its price, who should try it, among other key factors.

What Is Viddly?

As already noted above, Viddly is software that can be used to create numerous pages to make you constant income. The page is optimized so that it loads faster and continues to receive free traffic. If you are tired of banging your head on the wall as you try to make money online with no much success, Viddly is exactly what you have been looking for.

Most online marketers have tried literally everything in order to make money. From buying as many training courses as they can to installing numerous software, their efforts seem to always bear no fruits. However, you do not have to go through all of these struggles. With Viddly, you will start making money from products without necessarily owning a product, buying expensive software, requiring startup costs, or going through a complicated funnel process.

This WordPress plugin creates ready-to-earn pages in just 1-click, thanks to its built-in automated traffic-generation system. Do not be tied back by your slow affiliate promotions anymore. Viddly is loaded with features whose sole purpose is to make you money:

100% beginner-friendly: You do not need any experience or technical skills to start using Viddly. Everything is literally done for you, making Viddly one of the simplest software to use.

1-click builder: Within 30 seconds, you will have set up a brand new, revamped money-making page. This page will start operating immediately. Even if you were to start now, you will be mesmerized by how fast you will have begun making money.

Mobile-friendly site: Most users normally access websites via their mobile phones. That is why it is important that the site you setup is mobile-friendly. That is exactly what Viddly offers. Your users are able to access the page from literally any gadget, be it a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Built-in automated traffic: The beauty of having a website is that it attracts traffic. If the traffic is not forthcoming, you do not have a reason to have that site. For that reason, Viddly allows you to get visitors from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Product review system: Reviews are the most powerful way to increase buyer confidence. For that reason, Viddly incorporates a product review system that will help you build trust and make more money.

Integrate with auto-responders: Viddly makes it easier to generate leads because it connects with your email marketing software. Just sip a cup of coffee and watch the leads roll in.

Useful video tutorials: Since everyone is bound to have a challenge in the Internet world, Viddly incorporates comprehensive video tutorials that you can depend on to maximize your earnings.

Readily-available support: Besides the training, there is 24/7 technical support that will help you with this WordPress plugin. However, given its simple nature, you might never have a reason to call tech support.

Viddly Review: Bonuses

There are more than $1,455 worth of bonuses waiting for you if you get Viddly right now! Have a look at these:

Bonus 1: Live Webinar Training

Valued at $997, this training gives you exposure to what you need to do in order to generate six figures from affiliate marketing.

Bonus 2: Smart CPA offers

The real-world value for this bonus is $197. However, when you get Viddly today, you will have it all for free. It gives you access to step-by-step guide on how you can make money from CPA networks without spending a dollar on buying traffic.

Bonus 3: Sales secrets for affiliate marketers

Valued at $97, this bonus tells you secrets that make top-affiliate marketers good at what they do. The step by step guidance shows you how you can make high-ticket sales by working with the right client in the right way.

Bonus 4: Affiliate authority

Do you want to know how to get rich by selling other people’s products? Here is a free guide on how to do so. When you get Viddly today, you will be able to learn about this highly repeatable process and make money in the process!

Bonus 5: Live video marketing

If you want to reach more people, then you must be ready to invest in live videos. Very few people know how to do this correctly. That is why Viddly grants you this bonus, valued at $67, to guide you on the right way to go about it.

About The Creator

Viddly is created by Seun Ogundele, a popular name in the Internet world. His reputation is based on the fact that over the years, he has been helping businesses grow their target audience by implementing unique techniques. He is not only a good marketer but also a talented software developer. It is for that reason that I have full confidence in one of his many products – Viddly.

This is a tool he built with the main aim of seeing to it that each person gets a chance to make money online. I have no problem recommending it to anyone. Besides just creating stuff, Seun Ogundele also trains people to learn more about everything he releases. When you visit his official website, you will be mesmerized by the many pieces of training this talented developer has.

Viddly Review: Features & Capabilities

Here are the many features and capabilities you should expect to get from Viddly:

  • Export Buyers List in various formats like CSV, TXT, and XLS
  • Attract traffic in an easy manner
  • Generate revenue from your money-page
  • Use the product review system to increase revenue generated
  • Use features like scarcity timers to make customers buy more

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How Does Viddly Work?

In three simple steps, you will be on your way to making money in a manner you never thought were possible before. Follow these steps and you will be smiling all the way to the bank:

Step 1: Install Viddly

Begin by installing Viddly on your WordPress website. This is a one-click installation so you do not have to worry about any technicalities. If you have installed a WP plugin before, you will be mesmerized by how easy it is to install this one.

Step 2: Create the money page

Thumbs up for the successful installation. Now, set up your tiny money page in a matter of seconds. Simply click on the Create Page Button and you will be on your way to achieving what you have always thought was impossible.

Step 3: Activate

With the page created, just activate the traffic and wait for the commissions to start trickling in. One good thing about this is that you can repeat the process all over. This is an unlimited income stream.

Viddly Review: Who Should Try It?

Everyone who cares about making money on the Internet should try this brilliant software. The fact that it is created by someone whom I have full confidence makes me not have a problem recommending it to all. Whether you have a day job and are looking for an alternative source of income or this will be your primary source of money, you are right to give it a try.

Is Viddly Worth Your Money?

Viddly is worth every dollar spent on it. That is so because the product not only allows you easily create WordPress a money-making page but also generates great income from that. Even though you will spend some money to buy the plugin, the returns are way far much greater than you can imagine. Give it a try and you will be happy that you did.

Viddly Review: Price & Discounts

The front-end price for this product is $22. This is a highly discounted price. I am not sure how long it will hold. That is why I recommend that you get Viddly today instead of waiting until a later date to spend more money on it.

Viddly Review: Additional Offers

If the front-end product does not meet your needs, there are a couple of upsells to keep in mind:

OTO 1: Viddly premium

Valued at $47, it allows you to create unlimited bonus pages.

OTO 2: Viddly DFY Affiliate campaign

An easy way to gain access to done-for-you email swipes, affiliate offers, and helpful bonuses.

OTO 3: Viddly traffic

Unlock 24 sources of traffic to your video review bonus pages.

OTO 4: Viddly agency license

Get licenses to use Viddly as you please.

OTO 5: Affiliate boot camp

A boot camp like no other, valued at $197.

Viddly Review: Pros & Cons


  • The most effective way to make money on the Internet
  • Easy to install and use software
  • Make great profits with minimal effort
  • Does not require special skills to use
  • Integrates with WordPress, the world’s most powerful site builder


  • There are no cons to report at the moment. Of course, that is expected for a tool as good as this.

Viddly Review: Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to read this Viddly review. I hope that you got the information you were looking for. I highly recommend this software. Go ahead and use it because you will get greater profits.

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