Video Marketing Pack For Insurance Agents Review

What Is Video Marketing Pack For Insurance Agents?

Video Marketing Pack For Insurance Agents as its name suggests is a pack of resources aimed to boost the results of insurance agents. The pack works best for local businesses but you can use it to promote any insurance agent you wish to represent as a marketer.

Video marketing is one of the most powerful instruments you can use to promote your business or your clients’ businesses. But sometimes videos are too vague or unrelated to the business you’re trying to promote.

This is where local marketing packs like the new Insurance Video Pack come into play. Such marketing packs can help you a great time to land more customers, to boost your marketing agency business, and establish you as a professional marketer.

If you want to learn more about how to profit from using this pack, read my whole Video Marketing Pack For Insurance Agents Review to see what you get with it.

About The Creators

ProVideoBox is a company known for the professional marketing packs they release to aid marketers to boost their business as digital representatives of their clients. They always focus on specific niche markets to provide on-point materials.

ProVideoBox specializes in video creation. The videos they provide are of high quality and crafted according to proven-to-work copywriting formulas that urge people into action.

Video Marketing Pack For Insurance Agents Review: Features

With Video Marketing Pack For Insurance Agents, you get a fully customizable pack of videos and PowerPoint presentations. The videos are made to accommodate both YouTube and social media standards:

  • 10 DFY Whiteboard Landscape Videos;
  • 10 DFY Square Videos.

The videos come both in MP4 and PPTX formats so that you can easily customize and modify them. The videos can be edited in any video editor with your brand, whereas for the PPTX format you’ll need PowerPoint 2013 to run and edit them.

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How Does Video Marketing Pack For Insurance Agents Work?

The Insurance Video Pack contains materials that are fully customizable and extremely easy to edit. This can happen in three simple steps since the lower third part of the videos has been made editable:

  1. Open video template;
  2. Change the logo and available texts;
  3. Export Video in your preferred format.

And that’s it.

It’s all possible thanks to the developer license you get with this marketing pack. It allows you to:

  • Brand the content with your business name and logo;
  • Post the content on your websites, blogs, and social channels, including YouTube;
  • Brand the videos with your clients’ logo and business information;
  • Sell or rent the videos for profit.

The only thing you should remember is that you cannot resale or upload, or give away for free the unbranded videos. But you can use them in your marketing efforts an keep all of the profits you generate using the videos for you or your insurance clients.

Video Marketing Pack For Insurance Agents Review: Who Should Try It?

The Video Marketing Pack For Insurance Agents is suitable for individual marketers and agencies alike. It will help you target insurance businesses and insurance agents and land them as your clients.

If you’re specializing in local marketing or simply wish to add more businesses to your portfolio to work for as a marketing agent, you can easily attract them with these professional videos. Use them as demonstrations of your skills and services, boost the results of your existing clients through video marketing, and enjoy a great development of your marketing career.

Is Video Marketing Pack For Insurance Agents Worth Your Money?

Commissioning professional videos from freelancers can cost too much, especially if you are a small digital marketer or a small agency that doesn’t have a huge budget to spend. That’s why I think it is totally worth it to invest in a video bundle, if this is a niche you want to target, instead of paying hundreds for a single video of a couple of seconds up to a couple of minutes.

The videos in the Insurance Video Pack by ProVideoBox are just as professional as any you can pay a freelancer to make for you. Don’t underestimate the value of such a video bundle.

Video Marketing Pack For Insurance Agents Review: Price & Discounts

The Insurance Video Pack will be released for sale on the 17th of July at 10 AM EST and the whole pack, along with the editable and PPTX files will cost just $19. No more, no less, no hidden fees, charges, or taxes, you will gain access to the media files immediately.

Video Marketing Pack For Insurance Agents Review: Additional Offers

There is one additional offer you can expect. We have to mention that the Video Marketing Pack For Insurance Agents has 20 ready-to-go videos with males as the central figure of the videos. To give you even more opportunities for even more clients, you can make use of the upsell:

Video Marketing Pack For Insurance Agents Ladies Edition – for $19:

  • 10 Whiteboard Videos for Female Insurance Agents
  • 10 Square Whiteboard Videos for Female Insurance Agents

The offer stands much like the front-end but is focused on female insurance agents.

Video Marketing Pack For Insurance Agents Review: Pros & Cons


  • High-Quality Videos;
  • Scripts that Convert;
  • Professional Voice-Over;
  • Engaging & Interesting;
  • Can Land You Clients with Ease;
  • Fully Customizable;
  • Can be Rebranded;
  • Can be Resold for Profit;
  • You Keep 100% of the Profits.


  • FE Offer is only with male figures in the animation.

Video Marketing Pack For Insurance Agents Review: Conclusion

Video Marketing Pack For Insurance Agents is a super video marketing package you get with a developer’s license so that you can rebrand for your and your customers, and sell the videos for profits.

It puts into your hands a multitude of powerful marketing tools you can use freely to boost the number of clients you have and the services you can provide for them. The Insurance Video Pack offers high quality and the chance to find your footing in the local businesses field when it comes to insurance agents.

I hope my Video Marketing Pack For Insurance Agents Review was useful to you. I wish to wrap it up by encouraging you to pursue clients and results with effective marketing methods. And video marketing is one of them.

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